Stellar (XLM): Don’t Be Put Off By The Price Charts – The Best Is Yet To Come


The consensus is that the performance of Stellar’s native coin XLM in the market at the moment isn’t great. It also doesn’t reflect the true picture of what the real value of this crypto could be.

Yet as far as future value goes, XLM is one among the few in the top ten with a genuine shout for a really solid run in the next few years. That run will be evident this year, without a doubt, but it begins earnestly in 2019.

Why? It’s simple; Stellar will have a great ending to 2018 that could see its lumens move closer to global adoption and usage within the financial industry.

Its high profile partnerships could also see XLM become the most in-demand platform for moving money quickly, safely, and cheaply across platforms. By then it could have overtaken XRP which continues to be bogged down by security and regulation threats.

If Stellar beats Ripple to the banks, then it would have the highest chance of mooning within the next couple of years.

All this is possible thanks to a great roadmap that proposes one very key implementation expected to be concluded by December 2018.  It’s the Lightning Network on Stellar.

Most deployment-ready platform

Stellar has already been recognized as the most deployment-ready platform among the top cryptocurrencies.

The platform’s aim of becoming the leading global digital payment currency is on track as it ranks ahead of Ripple (XRP), NEO, and Bitcoin Cash in terms of average transaction fees. Its value of $0.00001 on average as the fee per transaction is the best among the top as of now.

Furthermore, its 5-second confirmation for transactions is only bettered by Ripple’s 4 seconds among the top platforms that are likely to see an increased possibility of adoption.

Yet, the team at Stellar has been ambitious enough to know that the platform will need to be better than it is if it has to scale to the level it is needed for future implementations.

Lightning Network will put XLM ahead of XRP

We know that the most challenging problem facing cryptocurrencies at the moment is scalability. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the others are trying to get various implementations that could make their networks scale.

Those are great steps, but only one platform could derail Stellar by becoming better and that’s XRP. To beat it, something needed to be done and LN brings that advantage to the Stellar platform.

The Lightning Network will take most of the transactions off-chain, making payments really fast and even cheaper than they already are.

Stellar will utilize what they call State channels that allow off-chain transactions as well as the creation, deletion, or change of permissions on various accounts. The result simply means that the network becomes better with most transactions taken off the main ledger.

Furthermore, since the payment channels are still anchored on the main ledger, there isn’t any counterparty risk. Stellar already implemented the BUMP_SEQUENCE testnet for the Lightning Network and the remaining milestone towards a livenet is as follows:

  • August 1st- State channels beta implementation
  • October 1st – State channels will be launched on Sellar. At the same time, Lightening beta will be released.
  • December 1st- Lightning Network goes live on Stellar.

So by December, XLM should be miles ahead of XRP in terms of transaction speed and lowest costs. And since it already has a working product deployed by the IBM in the Pacific region, a world-wide adoption could become a reality.

Where will Ripple (XRP) be by then? Maybe better, or maybe overtaken by XLM. It all depends on how well Lightning Network goes.

How is XLM market at the moment?

Stellar began Q2 really well, threatening to break into the top 5 with strong market performances. However, that run has somehow hit a snag and prices have dipped across the market. A shift in sentiment, especially for altcoins in the bottom half of the top 10, has also seen its slump widen.

Currently trading at $0.39 against the US dollar, XLM has slumped by -6.91% in the last 24 hours and -10.39% in the last 7 days. It still has one of the lowest daily trading volumes, something that baffles given its strengths as a cryptocurrency.

Even though grim at the moment, the next few months could be crucial in the team’s efforts to make the platform the choice in cross-border payments.

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