What Reasons Are Left to Buy Stellar (XLM) Today?


Stellar (XLM) is one among a select few that have been collectively earmarked as potential breakthrough projects in 2018.

For any investor, this should be reason enough to convince them to have a serious look at the project. Being given thumbs up by industry greats and enthusiasts means that the blockchain foundation upon which the crypto operates has what it takes to make it to the final stages of real-world adoption.

Stellar has the chance to break into the mainstream world due to its blend of both what Bitcoin can offer and what users could get from the Ethereum platform.

Just like Bitcoin, it’s a decentralized and distributed crypto that allows the transfer of funds, going one better by providing the technology to allow cross-border transactions. There’s a need for a solution to the perennial problems of costliness and delays. It provides the framework to do that.

Moreover, the SCP allows for the development of decentralized apps (dApps), increasing use cases. One thing that sets Stellar apart is its faster confirmation times, high scalability and zero fees. These advantages should see the platform become attractive and thus make XLM’s value rise with increasing demand.

IBM and Stellar Lumens partnership

In October 2017, tech giant IBM announced that it would be partnering with Stellar Lumens to explore how to facilitate cross-border payments and money remittances. This is one partnership that will definitely shape the future of lumens one more projects get on board.

Currently, IBM is already using XLM in one of its blockchain projects. With more expected in the near future, we should see Stellar beat competition in the sector and expand towards global utilization. The IBM partnership is putting XLM into the hands of more tech companies and banks, helping realize Stellar’s goal of transforming the sector.

Another partnership that should convince you to buy Stellar (XLM) has to do with BloomX. The platform announced that they hoped to use the Stellar network (lumens), to enhance their cryptocurrency payment processing. It’s worth noting that these deals expose the Stellar platform to a wider market.

There’s also another piloting involving XLM being carried by Satoshipay and UK news outlet Register. It is just one more instance in a growing list of such micro-payment sites that have begun accepting XLM.

XLM high returns Vs. low risk

There are projects in the market that appear primed for huge success, yet have inherent vulnerabilities that make them a risk. Lumen is established as a top currency and has one of the great minds in crypto via Jed McCaleb.

The threat of regulation weighs more on Stellar’s main challenger Ripple (XRP), giving XLM an upper hand in the eyes of major investors. Stellar offers a low-risk investment option that is way better than most new coins that promise a lot but could evaporate under intense pressure.

With every passing day, the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) is making giant steps and the native coin could be one of those that get wider use within a relatively short time.

The potential for a currency gaining global acceptance is simply the biggest indicator that an investment made in it has the chance to give high returns.

Stellar Lumens has a yearly ROI of+633%. For six months, it’s +399%. Though not the biggest, it’s worth more than the top 5 coins in the market over the same period. Let’s have a look at how the coin has performed over the last few weeks.

Stellar Lumens is ranked 8th on the market with a market cap of $5.8 billion. The crypto was valued at $0.45 on May 01, 2018 and was looking to break above the $0.50 price. However, negativity set in and prices plummeted.

Nevertheless, there’s every indication that the next market recovery will see huge gains. It should see XLM go over to the $0.5 level before the year ends.

Stellar (XLM) currently trades at $0.32 against the US dollar on a day its value has dropped by a further -5% in the last 24 hours. Over the last 7 days, the price has declined by -10.10%. While this is hardly encouraging, the same downtrend is observed right across the market.

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