The Recent Developments That Could Change Stellar (XLM) Future


The entire crypto space benefited from the life which Q2 brought, with most digital assets posting double-digit gains almost on a daily basis, however, almost halfway into the second quarter of the year and many of the big players in the cryptoverse are beginning to stabilize, or face backdrops, only a few are showing strong gains.

While Stellar (XLM) had lost over 20% of its overall value in the previous week, which led to a loss of over $1 billion (USD) in market cap. However, over the past couple of days, the coin has begun to pick up pace, and the figures in terms of gains are beginning to look quite good.

Price and Status of XLM

At press time, a Stellar Lumen is trading for $0.37 apiece as a result of a 4.3% price rise. Over the last three days, the coin has recorded a value increase of over 24%. The altcoin is now the 8th largest digital asset by market capitalization with a total of $6.890 billion (USD).

Stellar lumen has a 24 hours trading volume of over $50 million (USD), while the figures are decent, it is a drop from the ‘regular’ trading volume of the digital asset. In all, these are good times, as Stellar impresses both in the market, leading the crypto market recovery, and also in the struggle to become the top altcoin.

Stellar Lumens (XLM); Closer to Trezor than Ever?

Trezor is one of the best, if not the best single-purpose devices designed for secure transactions. Trezor is often dubbed the most secure hard wallet in the cryptoverse. Work on integrating Stellar Lumens into Trezor is ongoing, perhaps ought to be completed by now.

Zulucrypto is the development team in charge of the Trezor/Stellar integration, work on the project began in the October/November 2017, and one would expect by now that a working alternative to the Ledger Nano S should be available.

However, according to Lumenauts, what remains before the project goes public is the development of pull requests and Javascript libraries to enable support for web wallets like the Stellar Account Viewer. While the Stellar/Trezor integration is taking longer than expected, if completed, it would have been worth the wait.

BloomX Chooses Stellar

BloomX is a company with the goal of providing a platform for Money Services Businesses (MCBs). BloomX has chosen Stellar as its preferred digital asset and blockchain as they set out to create a suite of applications that will benefit MSBs and help them run their businesses.

BloomX has decided to partner with Stellar for cheap, fast, simple and highly scalable transactions. Upon completion, Stellar would process all the transactions that would be carried out on the BloomX platform in the future.

As BloomX continues on its path of building tools for MSBs and moneychangers, Stellar (XLM) is bound to benefit from this partnership, shout it go as planned.

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