Reasons Stellar (XLM) Bulls Will Beat The Bears


Stellar (XLM) has continued pursued innovation with its Build Challenges.

It uses the build challenges to encourage and inspire developers to create whatever they feel is the next big app atop the Stellar Blockchain, with the conclusion of the 6th Stellar’s Build Challenge, a couple of interesting dApps and platforms have been built and are running on the Stellar blockchain, from the challenge.

Here are things bulls will likely point to from the latest developments.


Stellar has confirmed the launch of another dApp on its blockchain, this one is called Shape. It is another dApp running on Stellar.

Using Stellar’s blockchain, Shape is built on the Rhive platform. Shape was built as a reward platform for supporters, employees or members of the public.

Shape is an interesting app and it was submitted as a part of Stellar’s 6th Build Challenge. With shape organizations can now build an online supporter base, from which it can issue rewards and sell perks on their marketplace.


Daijo is yet another decentralized P2P lending platform built atop the Stellar blockchain. The Demo version for Daijo mobile app is currently available and running, with the full version expected to be released in a couple of weeks, however QIN tokens are available for presale.

The QIN token is Daijo’s very own multi-purpose asset. QIN will be used for basically everything on the platform, from rewards, to loan requests, to repay of loans. Daijo presents a little update to the existing lending platform, with this, our arms are crossed to see how Daijo and the QIN tokens would perform on the big stage.

Attach Your Avatar to Your Blockchain Address

Avatars images are a cool way of expressing yourself. With blocklook, users of Stellar can now create and attach avatars to their blockchain addresses. These Avatars are controlled by the users and can be integrated into any existing stellar website or Stellar dApp. Visit blocklook to create your own controlled Stellar Avatars.

Novatti Payments

Novatti is an emerging online payment processor. In a move towards blockchain, Novatti has integrated Stellar into its payment network NovattiPayments, however, XLM is not yet available for payments.

Big news for Stellar (XLM) as the online payment processor, Novatti already has functional digital wallets, branchless banking, remittance services, bill payment services, and mobile money services. The Stellar Lumens (XLM) is expected to feature across all the services Novatti offers.

Stellar to Kickoff May with a Meetup

The Stellar team will be beginning the month of May with a meetup in Dubai. The event tagged Blockchain & Fintech will feature Mr. Marwan Alzarouni, Founder of OTC Supply, presentations by Andrew Sims, Co-founder of NEC payments and Monis Rahman Co-founder Mobius, Stellar ecosystem partners.

Join the Stellar team on May 1st at Future Accelerators Auditorium, Dubai.

Price and Status of Stellar

Stellar joined the band of high performers over the last week, recording greater gains as the day passed by. However, the progressive run has been put to an end. At the time of this writing, the Stellar Lumens (XLM) are down more than 5% to trade at $0.366 apiece, as compared to the $0.912 earlier this year.

Basing on the above information, the bears are in control and once the bulls take the charge, as they were doing in the past few days, you can expect its value to skyrocket.

In relation to market cap, Stellar (XLM) is ranked 8th with $6.784 Billion USD. As a digital asset, Stellar has not failed to impress, but still awaits it big market break.

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