Snovio (SNOV) Beginner’s Guide: What It Is And How It Works?


Frankly, running an effective and profitable business without sufficient automation processes is a major pain point that businesses have to deal with today.

When it comes to email marketing and effective lead generation, traditional solutions present a variety of loopholes that can put a business on its knees. From exorbitantly priced data to outdated contacts that only generate about 40 percent bounce rate, there is no denying an upgraded solution is in demand.

This is why Snovio (SNOV) is establishing a Blockchain enabled a marketplace for a quality lead generation.

What is Snovio?

Backed by a professional team of developers and marketing specialists, Snovio is touted as the world’s first Blockchain enabled lead generation service. It boasts of using a decentralized ledger platform for delivery of high-quality leads to clients across the globe.

Basically, it stands out as a flexible platform that is set to meet the needs of businesses and entities that require high-quality updatable leads for their day to day marketing and sales generation activities.

By establishing a transparent and audited eco-system, Snovio is able to reward contributors to data while maintaining relevant leads for effective and automated business operations.

What solution is Snovio giving?

To put it simply, Snovio (SNOV) is a blockchain project that is focused on taking advantage of crowdsourcing data collection and building quality and verifiable email marketing services and lead generations. With a decentralized approach to lead generation, Snovio is trying to solve some of the main pain points that currently affect traditional lead generation models. These problems include;

  • Lack of transparency in regards to the source of information. By authenticating and verifying lead sources Snovio will be able to give clients updated contact information for effective email marketing
  • It is also aiming at solving the issue of data non-exclusivity. Basically, traditional models lack a verifiable historic data of leads generated thus limiting a client’s capacity for making informed purchases.
  • Snovio is also looking to fill the gap of real-time updates on leads. Snovio plans to use updated data triggers for a competitive edge
  • With a blockchain model, Snovio is set to give back control to suppliers of data thanks to an open transaction registry and smart contracts that credit the source. This feature is non-existent in traditional services.

With a minimum viable product available, Snovio is already working on its core modules with over 100 paying customers already on the platform since its launch recently.

How does it work?

This Blockchain startup has a unique decentralized model. In fact, Snovio is without a doubt challenging the way lead sourcing and email marketing works. Fundamentally, the platform provides Software as a Service (SaaS) whereby there is a tokenized approach to lead generation. In fact, the SNOV token (currently priced at $0.06 according to CoinMarketCap) is essential for reward distribution in the marketplace.

With smart contracts running all the transactions on the platform, Snovio (SNOV) enables a transparent and fair marketplace with self-regulating prices and incentives for data suppliers. Furthermore, clients looking for leads on the platform can check email validity, search for company domains to find specific profiles and launch effective email campaigns.

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