Should You Still Invest In EOS (EOS), Theta Token (THETA), Ontology (ONT)?


The past few weeks have witnessed a downturn in cryptocurrency prices. Few coins have, however, remained attractive propositions as investors looked to get in on the low. Even though the bearish trend isn’t over yet, some tokens have witnessed growth.

The result is to ask whether we should still invest, in this case, EOS (EOS), Theta Token (THETA) and Ontology (ONT).


If you are looking to invest in EOS, then there’s one thing that you have definitely missed. It’s the almost year-long ICO in which the platform is said to have sold in excess of 900 million ERC-20 tokens. The coin offering, that has raised close to $4 billion began on June 26, 2017, and should come to an end before the EOSIO mainnet launch on June 2, 2018.

An investor getting in now can still buy the tokens on exchanges though. At the moment, the EOS tokens are trading at $11.98, dropping -1.24% in the last 24 hours but staying in the green over 7 days at +7%.

Prices fail to reach new highs

The expectation of many was that the token would rally close to the launch. However, that has failed to materialize and its prices have hovered between $10 and $13 for the past week. This is in contrast to what the token achieved in April, rallying to an almost 500% price increase before running out of steam. It means the aftermath of the launch could see mammoth prices. Or a continued drop.

EOS security concerns

Investor interest may have cooled in the last 3 days due to revelations of security vulnerabilities in the network. Dan Larimer, the CEO was criticized for putting up a bounty of only $10k to hunt for bugs and flaws in the system. If the fixes are done before the launch, then it would mean all is well.

Should you go ahead and invest in EOS? Tricky in the short-term, but if you choose to, the best scenario would be to have a long position- the token can easily do another 500-1000%.

Theta Token (THETA)

Binance, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, added two THETA trading pairs on May 28th. Investors can now access the tokens on the site via two pairs- THETA/BTC and THETA/ETH.

This much-anticipated listing resulted in a price surge of more than 32% for the token on May 30, 2018, reaching a new high of $0.24.

THETA tokens had failed to break above the $0.20 price level, hovering around that price for the better part of the week. BUT with a listing on Binance, fast becoming one of the must be on exchanges, has catapulted the token into action.

Remarkable rise

By the time of the listing, the token was ranked above 100, but its huge move has seen its market cap rise alongside volume and its now ranked 87th on

Currently, the coin trades at $0.25 against the USD. Its price is still in the green, doing double digits for the second day running. At the time of writing, it’s +17.25% higher in the last 24 hours and +46% over the last 7 days.

What does it do?

Theta Token is one of those new projects that seek to leverage blockchain to transform the way we access and use the content. This Ethereum-based ERC-20 project wants to allow users an opportunity to securely and freely share video content over blockchain.  Judging by the amount of attention it has attracted, it could become a success.

Should you invest? Like many other new tokens, THETA is bound to see huge price jumps as more people get onto it. It’s a solid project, but waiting may be the strategy.

Ontology (ONT)

Ontology is still one of the best performing coins in 2018, even as the market downturn saw prices dwindle. ONT began trading in March at $1.37 against the USD. However, it had a mercurial price surge, hitting an all-time high of $11.18 on May 3, 2018. Unfortunately for the community, it’s at this time that a market-wide decline began and the token wasn’t spared.

Price decline

On May 4, 2018, ONT traded at $10.08 against the US dollar. The following few weeks, however, saw its value decline by over 45% to hit a new low of $5.81 on May 28, 2018. One good thing is that the slight upturn has seen its value rise slightly to $6.51 as seen on on May 30, 2018.

Its trading volume has also seen a huge increase, rising from $58m to $92m worth of traded coins between May 28th and 29th.

Can ONT see similar growth?

Ontology is an exciting project that has huge potential in the blockchain industry. There’s every indication that the token will regain value as we move towards Q3. There are a number of important events lined up that could see value surge.

Should you look at buying it? The Ontology Mainnet is scheduled for June 30th. Also to be released is the Ontology distributed identity framework (ONT ID), and the Verifiable Claim Protocol. Coupled with its connections to NEO and other partners, it’s definitely one to watch.

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