Selfkey (KEY) Coin Explodes As Trading Begins On Binance, Wallet Launch

Selfkey (KEY), one of the most unpopular cryptocurrencies has made its way up to become the most trending digital asset in a matter of days.


Selfkey (KEY), one of the most unpopular cryptocurrencies has made its way up to become the most trending digital asset in a matter of days.

After accumulating gains and reaching new heights that one would consider impossible given the current state of the crypto market, KEY is shining bright.

Selfkey Coin trading under the ticker KEY on Binance is currently the biggest gainer in the cryptocurrency market over the last 7 days.

Before Selfkey went off on a flyer, it was just another digital asset in over two thousand in the crypto market, however, all that changed the listing of KEY on the world’s leading digital exchange platform.

After completing a scheduled maintenance and a system upgrade on June 27, Binance took to their official twitter handle and website to announce the listing of Selfkey Coin on the exchange platform.

The announcement read;

“Binance will open trading for KEY/BTC and KEY/ETH trading pairs at 2018/06/27 06:00 AM (UTC). Users can now start depositing KEY in preparation for trading”

Perfect Timing for an Identity Wallet Launch

Selfkey couldn’t have launched its identity wallet at a better time. Launching its long waited identity wallet barely two days after the Binance listing cause a price surge only resulted in more growth for the digital asset.

The Selfkey Identity wallet launched with compatibility for Windows and macOS.


The Identity Wallet of Selfkey Coin is designed to aid users to manage their digital coin and digital documents for free.

A range of documents can be stored on the Selfkey Identity Wallet with high-security levels; from passports, driver’s license, bank documents, cryptocurrencies, utility bills, ID details.

Practically any digital document can be safely stored on the Selfkey Identity wallet, the Identity wallet also launched with compatibility for storing KEY tokens, ETH, and any other ERC-20 tokens.

The launch of the Identity wallet, although in its beta stages is a promising blockchain project, and helped a great deal in bolstering the growth of KEY.

Selfkey Coin (KEY) Rules the Crypto Market

Before the Binance Listing, the value and scale range of Selfkey was anything but impressive.

Before KEY began trading on Binance, it barely recorded daily trade – exchange volumes of above $100,000 USD, and the coin was valued somewhere between $0.006 and $0.008 USD.

As earlier stated, Selfkey Coin is the biggest gainer over the last 7 days, following an outstanding growth of 417.39%.

Opening trade in the 3rd quarter of the year (July 1, 2018) KEY now has a trade – exchange value of $0.034476 with a price hike of 13.32% over the last 24 hours.

The daily trade – exchange volume of Selfkey Coin has taken a phenomenal leap ever since its listing on Binance.

Over the last 24 hours, KEY’s exchange – trade volume is $428,787,000 USD; daily trade volume of KEY has grown by over 4,300% in the last 4 days.

Before all the news that led to the skyrocketing values of KEY, the digital asset was ranked as the 292nd largest cryptocurrency according to coinmarketcap.

However, as at the time of this writing, Selfkey (KEY) taken a quantum leap and currently ranks as the 121st largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $69,505,625.

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