This Could Change The Course Of Ripple (XRP) For The Better


Ripple’s payment networks have been put to the test on multiple occasions, and its payment solutions via xCurrent, xRapid and xVia have come up strong on every occasion, little wonder why Ripple (XRP) has been receiving increased attention from financial institutions.

Once again, one of Ripple’s payment solutions xCurrent would be put to the test as Mitsubishi Corporation, Standard Chartered and Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri) jointly announced a pilot test payment between Singapore and Thailand.

Production volume has been growing on the RippleNet at an exponential rate, and getting this would mark a major milestone for Ripple. The goal of this pilot is to demonstrate the high speed – cross-border payments between banks using Ripple.

Mitsubishi Corporation and Standard Chartered are both household names which possess mammoth liquidity. If these multinationals turn to Ripple after a successful pilot test, it could change the course of Ripple for the better.

Ripple to Get a New Business Model

COIL! Not the regular coil you are familiar with, Coil is a new business model for the web which aims at solving the problem of web owners figuring how to pay its top contributors. CTO of Ripple, Stefan Thomas is the brains behind this initiative and would be stepping down to make it a reality.

Chris Larsen and Evans Schwartz from Ripple are also onboard the membership team of Coil. Coil will use the Interledger protocols of Ripple to make the web more rewarding for every user and create a more vibrant market for apps and digital contents. The company would be based in San Francisco.

The Coil imitative has gotten strong financial and technical backing from Ripple, although there is no release date for the project yet, we anticipate what it would bring to the Web in the future.

Ripple Gets Matched with TRON

India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, Zebpay which recently launched crypto to crypto trading, has given the honors to TRON and Ripple to be the first pair of digital assets to trade on the platform.

The announcement which was made via a Twitter message via the official Zebpay handle received positive remarks. Besides the XRP/TRX trading pair launched on the platform, more crypto – crypto trading pairs should be expected on the platform in the days to come.

Ripple (XRP) Blockchain Week Gets to the Pinnacle

The VIP Blockchain week organized by Ripple which has seen financial institutions, exchanges, developers, educators, enthusiasts and more come together for a meetup in New York has gotten to its epoch.

American Rapper: Snoop Dogg to Perform at the XRP Community Night

As part of the VIP event, Ripple is hosting a special community night today, May 15 that will feature a live performance by five-star American Rapper, Snoop Dogg.

Price and Performance of Ripple (XRP)

Ripple suffered from a huge blow last week, with the XRP trading as low as $0.63 on Saturday, May 12. However, the digital asset has joined the band of cryptocurrencies leading the comeback.

The asset has appreciated reasonably over the last three days, and as of this writing, the XRP is trading at $0.74 apiece, Ripple (XRP) still remains the third largest digital asset by market capitalization with $29.131 billion (USD).

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