Ripple (XRP) Coinbase Rumor Shouldn’t Get Your Blood Pressure Up

The rumor that Ripple cryptocurrency will be added on Coinbase is now happening for its second time, and the results are promising.


As at now, it is impossible to think of our modern-day industry that is not affected by rumors. Ripple (XRP) is a victim. The rumor that Ripple cryptocurrency will be added on Coinbase is now happening for its second time, and the results are promising.

In 2012, Brad Garlinghouse, the man behind XRP, launched a digital coin that could connect banks, payment providers, and exchanges to transact money all over the world. According to Coinranking, the digital currency ranks third after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In the recent past, Ripple has been in the mainstream media. It is due to its price increase by over 18% now. But what caused the price increase? You will find the answer in detail. Also, if you wanted to know what could happen when Ripple gets listed on Coinbase, this article gets you covered.

Ripple To Get Listed On Coinbase – Rumor Has It

Even though Coinbase listing is not the dream of every cryptocurrency, there must be concrete reasons behind this gossip. Speculations of Ripple being listed on Coinbase begin somewhere well known.

CNBC, a worldwide Television, plans to host Coinbase CEO and XRP president in one show known as Fast Money. Usually, the show goes on every Wednesday, at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time, EST. From this event, social media showed a probability that Ripple could get listed on Coinbase.

Coinbase is a platform where people can buy and sell listed currencies. Currently, Coinbase has offerings for Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. From recent XRP charts, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) for the currency is rising.

Given the fact that Coinbase hasn’t talked anything about listing Ripple by now, the chances of XRP getting listed on Ripple are minimal. However, let’s look at both sides of the coin.

If Ripple Gets On Coinbase

With Coinbase on board, you can create a digital currency wallet where you will store your cryptocurrency securely. From their official website, the exchange promises to store digital currencies as safe as possible. So, Ripple coins will be stored offline, minimizing chances of fraud. To give you more about security, sensitive Ripple data will be disconnected from the Internet.

Also, Ripple coins will get insurance. So, when Ripple coins get lost, Coinbase would refund all their customers according to their insurance policy. It is of equal importance to note that Coinbase only stores 2% of its currencies online.

If The Rumor Goes Sour

As can be seen, the security of XRP will depend on its development team. The third-ranked coin has been fairing on without Coinbase. Since the future of Ripple’s security will depend on it, we can make a quick comparison of the currency, and it’s major competitors. In reality, this is what could happen.

Paying great attention to transactions per second, Ripple has 1500 transactions per second. This will make Ripple use this feature to continue competing with the giant, Bitcoin. In conclusion, when Ripple (XRP) doesn’t get listed on Coinbase, it will be good. If it gets listed on Coinbase, it would be better.

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