Revain (R) – Bringing Out The Honesty In Users Activities


Cryptocurrency has taken another dimension in the world market and has proven to be a major threat to banks and financial institutions lately.

The world is fast moving and technology is advancing in terms of making online markets and transactions activities safe and easy to use with the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Revain (R) among other crypto has brought out the sincerity and honesty in users and their trading activities.

Basically, Revain is a newly developed generation feedback platform, predominantly based on the blockchain technology which doesn’t accept changing or deleting of reviews and at the same time, reward the author for creating such reviews.

This altcoin is aimed to remodel online reviews by users through the blockchain technology.

The source

The first review platform, Revain (R) was founded by blockchain enthusiast and entrepreneur, Rinat Arslanov, in August 2017. The development team is located in Miraflores Altarpiece.

Rinat ambition is not limited to making feedback on transactions legitimate and genuine but filled with future aspirations which include:

  • releasing Revain crowdsale test version
  • combine with stock exchanges after crowdsale
  • build open-source desktop and mobile applications
  • bring users to the platform
  • build partnership and successful profitable multinational companies.

Revain is modeled for accumulating the reviews users gave on projects and startups that have completed their Initial coin offering (ICO) / crowdfunding stage.

The platform aggregates information on major milestones and token dynamics in startup’s development, and as well revive the service that will allow trading activities to get genuine and detailed reviews about their projects while the users making use of the platform will have access to other people’s experience with ICO and make their own contribution.

How does Ravain work?

The founder of the first feedback platform designed the currency using the famous Ethereum cryptocurrency platform. This platform enables the developers of Revain to build a system that is transparent, incorruptible and guarantee immunity to the system. Below are some of the features attributed to this platform

  • High artificial intelligent: The services are established in close collaboration with hi-tech IBM AI system.
  • Stable token: the inner platform and RVN token is not volatile
  • Automatic filtration: The system uses machine learning and neural network to detect all form of unwarranted texts such as abuse, spam, bot, flood and so on
  • Trustless system: The system do not need any user to trust a platform to perform any actions. The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and smart-contracts will protect it from any forms of fake reviews

In December 2017, Revain released version 0.3 of the software with the vision to deliver the full release version 1.0 as early as the second quarter of 2018.

This altcoin has two tokens namely RVN token and R token. Based on the Blockchain technology, the RVN – token builds an economic model which make users active and motivated and thus rewards them for the honest reviews they made online via the token.

R- Token which is based on nonlinear conversion mechanism is tradable and accessible outside the platform. These unique features make the currency internal token to be very stable.

However, the whole Revain network which is dependent on the Ethereum platform remains transparent, immutable and incorruptible.

Revain (R) is trending up amid news that OKEx, one of the largest crypto exchange platforms in the world, added Revain to their exchange.

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