Qtum’s New Partnership Is With Qihu 360


Within one year, Qtum, a blend of Ethereum and Bitcoin’s blockchains has made good strides in the crypto market.

It is growing to become the third largest network, only behind Bitcoin and Ethereum and hitting an all-time high of $106.88 in January.

Qtum is definitely one of the most overlooked crypto projects.

Qtum Foundation has announced some big partnerships as it strives to make the digital asset attain massive adoption both in the blockchain and commercial world.

In February of this year, Qtum Foundation announced partnerships with two of the leading software companies in China, Baofeng, and Qihu.

Qtum’s partnership with Baofeng received more attention as the software company promised to help the Foundation deploy 50,000 fully operation nodes within a year or two.

This will consequently make Qtum the largest crypto network, Bitcoin currently houses 13,000 active nodes and Ethereum’s Network houses over 20,000 active nodes.

Qtum’s partnership may be its biggest in terms of project size, however, Qtum’s other partnership with Qihu 360 is not a push aside partnership.

Qihu 360, without a doubt one of the best cybersecurity companies in the world is currently listed as the largest software company operating in China.

Qihu 360 which boasts a user strength of about 900 million signed an MoU with Qtum Foundation to help create more diversified Dapps based on Qtum’s network and help Qtum push its highly famed Virtual Machine X86 to be the industrial benchmark for virtual machines.

Qtum’s partnership with Baofeng and Qihu could go down as the most strategic partnerships in blockchain history till date.

The Baofeng partnership will make Qtum the largest blockchain network, while Qihu will provide Qtum with the diversification and security it needs to maintain the biggest blockchain network.

Earlier in June, Qtum Foundation announced many new changes to its system and operational levels.

The new age blockchain solution also announced three new projects with Bodhi Foundation:

  1. Qx, a decentralized transaction protocol
  2. QDex a decentralized token exchange platform
  3. Qrypto a wallet browser management plugin as it continues its quest to attain mass adoption.

Price and Market Status of Qtum (QTUM)

The faltering run of the crypto market continues, as assets plunge deeper into low trend lines on a daily, the crypto market opened today, June 26 with over 70% of the crypto market showing red values.

Over the last couple of months, Qtum’s price has registered substantial decline just like every other asset in the crypto market.

As at the time of this writing, the price of QTUM has shot up by 5.52%, canceling out the effects of the bears.

QTUM now has a trading value of $8.90, and as a result of the hike, Qtum is now the 20th largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $789,282,655; less than half its capitalization 3 months ago.

Qtum’s estimated daily trade – exchange volume of $128 million USD, surpasses its daily trade volume for the last one week.

Final Thoughts On Qtum

Just like every other asset in the crypto market, Qtum has been grossly devalued as a result of the ongoing bearish trend.

Regardless of that fact, Qtum has its year beautifully painted with strategic partnerships and reached new milestones with projects on its network that will serve in opening up Qtum for mass adoption in the future.

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