Qtum (QTUM) To Illuminate Consensus 2018 Days After Game-Changing Partnership


Consensus 2018 is the 4th annual blockchain technology summit, that’s taking place in New York this week. It begins today May 14 and runs through to May 16, 2018.

The event is expected to feature 250+ speakers, and projections put attendance at 4,000+ people. It’s therefore as big as it gets in the blockchain, with representation from leading industry start-ups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders among others. In all these, one project that is most likely to get a lot of attention on the first day is Qtum.

Qtum (QTUM) is hailed as a blockchain that’s designed and ready-made for business adoption. And this year, at the Consensus 2018, Qtum’s co-founder and one of its main developers will be presenting. Jordan Earls will be part of the panel that is to discuss on-device key management.

Why Qtum?

Qtum is a Chinese-based blockchain platform whose unique protocol combines Ethereum’s smart contracts functionality, and Bitcoin’s popular UTXO transaction model. It also utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, which makes it practical for business adoption.

It’s the emphasis on that part of business adoption that has driven the Qtum team to develop services that aim to bridge blockchain networks and businesses. It’s this ability that has set Qtum apart, and the exact reason it’s such a huge project.

Qtum’s platform provides one of the highly anticipated ideas around cryptocurrency this year. It’s the ability to offer enterprises solutions tailored to allow blockchain integration in their services and products. While a lot of effort is expended on the area, a lack of dedication has seen it become a challenge. However, Qtum has endeavored to provide a solution over the same.

The Qtum team has over the last few months been working on establishing a platform that gives developers a versatile but easy to use ecosystem. DApps build on the Qtum platform offer cross-blockchain interoperability, as well as smart contract compatibility. They also are highly scalable, secure, and reliable. Perhaps that’s why its x86 VM is such a highly anticipated release.

The launch of the x86 Virtual Machine

The event is going to mark a new milestone for the cryptocurrency. A statement about the meet that will be used for the launch, Qtum Foundation had this to say:

“The Qtum X86 Virtual Machine Launch event will be held on May 23rd in Seoul, Korea. This launching indicates Qtum will enter the next era of Blockchain development, and is a milestone of the Blockchain ecosystem.”- Qtum Foundation.

To help deliver the Qtum x86 VM, the platform partnered with Baofeng, a Chinese company. It will help bring on board 50,000 full nodes, making it the platform with the highest number of nodes, bigger than both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The efforts should lead to better network security, stability and more importantly, speed. What happens then is that the platform, riding on the back of the upcoming x86 VM beginning May 23, 2018.

If the event in New lives up to expectation, we should see more developers flocking Qtum’s way.

Partnership with Pundi X is a big plus for QTUM

The excitement surrounding Qtum’s deal with PundiX still reverberates around crypto circles. It’s a partnership that moves the crypto one step closer to the hallowed mass adoption level. The cryptocurrency showed how much that deal meant by tweeting this message on their official Twitter account.

“Qtum, the first successful Proof-of-Stake blockchain, is a big step closer to mass adoption after striking a deal that will allow people to use QTUM tokens to pay for goods in shops across the world.”- Qtum official

As a result of that much-hyped deal, Qtum now has the upper hand in becoming the crypto to appear on Pundi X’s first batch of 4,000 point-of-sale devices. These devices are to be shipped globally by the start-up.

And Pundi X may as well do Qtum another favor- it will popularize the QTUM coin, basically aiding in more adoption across other platforms or use cases. If anyone doubted Qtum’s breakthrough, then the first steps have been made. It’s an exciting time to be a holder of QTUM, even if current prices don’t make for good reading.

Currently trading at $18.38 against the USD, the coin is moving up with +4.87% in the last 24 hours. It has moved $173M worth of the crypto in the same period to see its market cap stand at $1.62 billion. However, it’s still trading in the red over the 7-day period with a decline of around -20%. This though will change soon, if the events around the coin contribute to a positive sentiment.

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