Qtum (QTUM): The Good News in the Bad News


Is this the right time to invest in Qtum (QTUM)? It does not matter whether your answer is yes or no. You could have used Qtum tokens. Or even you’ve never heard about it.

For this reason, here is an ultimate guide that introduces the coin. Besides, you will find a track of the coin’s history from its latest roadmap. If you have also been looking for the most recent Qtum news, then you are at the right place.

In reality, this digital currency might be bigger than you ever imagined. From their official website, you can see the team behind it. Its made up of experienced developers, and advisors led by Patrick Dai, its CEO.

Qtum is a worldwide project that is centered on bridging the gap between Ethereum and Bitcoin communities. The coin boasts of being led by significant players in the crypto space. Also, QTUM builds decentralized applications that make blockchain ready for businesses. Currently, the cryptocurrency has four types of wallets, ranging from desktops, mobile, web, and hardware wallets. Qtum core is the official desktop wallet made by its team, and it’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Here is an idea of the currency’s most recent history.

The QTUM Roadmap

SpaceChain, together with the Qtum blockchain team, collaborated to bring the first Blockchain node in space. According to Coingape, the cryptocurrency set its satellite, and it is already working. The launch of this satellite was meant to revolutionize the space industry, and enhance access to modern technology. Mr. Zheng Zuo, the C.E.O of SpaceChain explained.

The team also released Qtum ignition token. For one to retain value and functionality of Qtum tokens, you need to swap the old tokens. In addition, Qtum team also released a new developer toolkit available on Microsoft. The kit is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Here is the latest update on QTUM

Bingo Partners With Qtum (QTUM)

One day ago, Qtum announced its collaboration with BINGO. In reality, BINGO deals with casinos, slots, Roulettes, and many other games. In this case, the company developed the first ever cryptocurrency game on Qtum known as Qtum Heroes.

Bingo is a multi-billion dollar company that has previously developed Blockchain games. These technological upgrades in the gaming industry are meant to provide an enjoyable experience to global users. Matt Lee, a BINGO veteran, added.

Due to unfairness and poor gaming experiences, this collaboration focuses on good gaming, advertising, and game leveling.

API Finds Flaw In Qtum

Advanced Property Investment System, also abbreviated as APIS, found a flaw in Qtum during its presale. It was found that some participants raised their transaction fees excessively high, as first concerns are usually given to transactions with higher costs.

After a series of investigations, APIS and other Internet Technology teams found that the error was on the Qtum core wallet. However, this concern was presented to Qtum (QTUM) team. Since then, Qtum foundation responded by acknowledging that it deliberately changed gas prices from 70 to 69. All in all, the error that led to the changing of gas price has been fixed.

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