Qtum (QTUM) Is Making Major Moves And Will Be Back At $100


At its peak this year, Qtum (QTUM) was trading at $103 on January 7, 2018. This is an impressive value for a coin that was only added into exchanges around May 2017 at a value of $6.42.

Using the peak value, this is a 1,500% increment in less than eight months. Qtum (QTUM) is currently trading at $32.26. This is an impressive value for it promises to do what Ethereum (ETH) does and even better by making it possible to do smart contracts on a fork of the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

Prominent coins in the domain of smart contracts are Ethereum (ETH), currently trading at $944, and NEO (NEO) that is currently trading at $138. When you look at the number of coins in circulation, QTUM has approximately 74 Million, Ethereum has 97.7 Million and NEO has 65 Million.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that it is only a matter of time until Qtum makes it back to $100 due to the advances the project has been making silently in the background.

To begin with, Qtum (QTUM) currently has 6 live Decentralized apps and 4 that are in the prototype phase. The first DApp is ENERGO which is built for a future of Decentralized Autonomous Energy community (DAE).

It is designed for a new future of energy production and consumption by connecting energy producers with consumers in an efficient manner.

The next one is QBAO which is a DApp for a social network with digital currency wallet, exchange, payments, DAPP store and a variety of applications scenario.

QTUM has also done a DApp called VEVUE that protects and monetizes the value of video experiences. It is a decentralized copyright tracking and video exchange based on the blockchain.

DEDGE is also another decentralized mobile platform which manages plenty of QTUM smart assets. BITCLAVE is a decentralized search engine. Can you imagine a decentralized Google? This is it.

The sixth live DAPP is HERO NODE which uses the Hero protocol to reorganize kinds of the public blockchain and devote to build across public-blockchain and cross-platform DApp development platform and solution.

In addition to the 4 prototypes being worked on by the Qtum Team, there are also 12 other DAPPS in the pipeline. The workload seems to be piling up that there is an advertisement for job vacancies on the QTUM website. The job advert does not really say the position but it screams out ‘WE WANT YOU.’

In summary, it is refreshing to see a project such as QTUM making headway in their roadmap. One of the problems of Crypto projects is the lack of actual results to solve real-life problems.

The Qtum Team has proved they are not slacking by launching a bunch of DApps and even launching a Qtum Node into space. If the technology part is not your interest and you are purely a trader, QTUM will not disappoint as we head on to the rest of the year. It is a wise coin to HOLD.

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