Comparing Privacy-Focused Cryptocurrencies – XMR – ZEC – XZC – PIVX – NAV – XVG

In this article, we compare privacy-focused coins based on their privacy features and economics. The article examines Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Zcoin (XZC), PIVX (PIVX), Nav Coin (NAV), and Verge (XVG).


How cryptocurrencies with a privacy focus stack up

There are a lot of cryptocurrencies that focus on improving privacy for their users, and it can be difficult to keep track of the pros and cons of each. Privacy coins are usually forced to make a tradeoff between strict privacy and usability.

Some are faster or cost less to use. Here are the top cryptocurrencies that focus on privacy and how they compare to each other. You can click on each image below to get a more in-depth review.


Before comparing privacy-focused cryptocurrencies you need to figure out what they mean by “private”. Some coins mean they hide transaction information – how much you sent and who you sent it to – while some mean hiding your IP address on the network.





Nav Coin

Hides Sender 
Hides Recipient 
Hides Amount Sent YES YES NO NO NO NO
Private by Default YES NO NO NO NO NO
IP Address Hidden NO NO NO NONO YES
No Trusted Setup YES NO NO NO YES YES
Full Nodes Online2,9001,2001,7002,100280


Private by Default means that every transaction is automatically private.

Trusted Setup means that the creators had to generate some initial parameters for their coin and then destroy those parameters. If the parameters were not destroyed then it would be possible to create coins out of thin air. While Zcash had their own trusted setup ceremony, Zcash and PIVX relied on previously created parameters that they could not have had knowledge of, which may make their Trusted Setup more secure.

Full Nodes Online refers to the number of computers on the network running a full copy of the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. The more nodes online, the more decentralized a cryptocurrency is, and more decentralization means more privacy. The counts for Zcoin refers to the number of Znodes online, while the count for PIVX refers to the number of Masternodes online.


How easy a coin is to use plays a major role in its adoption because if no one wants to use a cryptocurrency, it doesn’t matter how private it is. In general, a cryptocurrency is more usable if it has fast transactions and low fees.





Nav Coin

Block Time2 mins2.5 mins10 mins1 minute30 sec.30 sec.
Private Transaction
Compute Time
1 second60 sec.2-3 sec.2-3 sec.1 secondN/A
Transaction Fee
Instant Transactions
Hardware Wallet NO YES NO  YES NO NO

Private Transaction Compute Time
 refers to the time a typical computer will need to perform the cryptographic calculations needed to generate a private transaction.

Optional Instant Transaction is a feature of PIVX called Swifttx that lets transactions be confirmed quickly without relying on the normal blockchain confirmation wait.


Monero is still the most private cryptocurrency. All transactions are private, but it offers the ability to share a view key to let someone else see the details of a transaction you send. However, it’s one of the slower privacy-focused cryptocurrencies and it has the highest fees. It also suffers from a growing blockchain, due primarily to the way its privacy technology, RingCT, works. Monero is working on something called Bulletproofs, which should drop the size of a transaction by 80%, and will likely also result in lower fees.

Zcash uses the most advanced cryptography. Besides Monero, Zcash is the only cryptocurrency that hides transaction amounts. However, its privacy technology, zk-SNARKs, take a long time to generate a private transaction and is so new that it hasn’t been well studied by researchers.

PIVX represents the best pairing of privacy and usability. It’s fast and has low fees, and its Zerocoin technology lets you hide the sender and recipient.

  1. Michael says

    Monero has mobile wallets.
    For Android : Monerujo, Edge
    For ios : cake wallet

  2. steve says

    what about btcp?

  3. victor says

    what about mimblewimble coins? like Grin and Beam?

  4. John says

    Veil combines Zerocoin and RingCT technologies to provide full-time privacy without compromise.

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