Potentials Of Zilliqa (ZIL): Could We Witness Another Altcoin Moon in 2018?


The phase of investing in digital assets for mammoth returns in a short period is slowly wading away, now, investors want to know the project they are investing in, and the potential use cases for future assurance.

One asset leading the pack in terms of adaptability into multiple facets of the economy is Zilliqa (ZIL).

Zilliqa launched in January 2018, after a very successful ICO which began on the 27th of December, 2017. It was built using sharding technology to help expand networks and increase scalability, as such, the digital asset has found increased application in multiple industries.

Zilliqa has found favor mainly in the financial industry, which demands large scalability. It may not be the most popular or fan favorite digital asset in the crypto market, however, It has impressed in its relatively small sphere of influence. Zilliqa has begun to attract attention from investors, and here’s why.

Zilliqa (ZIL): Price and Performance

Zilliqa’s growth has remained quite unnoticed until lately. ZIL has steadily recorded daily price increase since the beginning of Q2. As of this writing, Zilliqa coin is trading at $0.134 apiece, with 7% growth in the last 24 hours.

Quite unpopular, but ZIL is one of the biggest cryptos by market cap, ranked 30th with a market capitalization of $980 million (USD). A 24-hour trading value of $76.4 million USD hints the asset needs more exposure.

Zilliqa Gets Into a Big Alliance

One recipe for success in the crypto space is getting into partnerships, big partnerships with multinationals. Zilliqa is already doing just that. Barely two days ago, Zilliqa announced a partnership with a Singapore based insurance company, with hints of four other insurance companies joining soon.

Zilliqa’s partnership with the Singaporean insurance company Dellotie and FWD was engineered to test run insurance services on the blockchain technology. If the product of this partnership is successful, Zilliqa whilst reengineering the working of the entire Insurance industry for the future.

Success in this partnership would see Zilliqa open up its technology to insurance companies around the world. Increase in the sphere of Zilliqa would lead to a price hike in the ZIL tokens. As the influence of ZIL grows in the finance industry, the asset also holds potential usage in the Advert industry too.

Zilliqa Gets New Exchange Listings

In the last two days, Zilliqa has been listed in two crypto exchange platforms. Zilliqa got new exchange listings on Koinex and Gopax. These new listings for the ZIL tokens would lead to a much needed increased trading volume for Zilliqa, ending in a value rise. Since the announcement of the new listings, the ZIL tokens has recorded growth of over 20%.

In a Nutshell

The potentials Zilliqa (ZIL) brings into the crypto space has gone quite unnoticed for a long time. The ZIL tokens may be recording steady growth at the moment, but if Zilliqa is successfully integrated into the insurance industry, we could watch another asset moon.

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