Populous (PPT) Token Soars 54% As Market Recovers


Populous (PPT) is currently up 54% against the US Dollars as the cryptocurrency market stabilizes.

It was trading at $4.03 yesterday but has recorded massive gains over the past few hours to currently trade at $6.26.

Populous has a market cap of $231 million, up from $149 million it recorded yesterday. The 24-hour trading volume has also increased massively over the past few hours.

The daily trading volume was just $3 million yesterday but now stands at $18 million.

The surge doesn’t seem to be related to anything in particular, with no new announcement from the development team recently.

Populous World provides solutions to help businesses constantly grow and develop. They present an opportunity to benefit from using advanced blockchain and big data processing technologies effectively.

Populous (PPT) Token Soars 54% As Market RecoversThe recent blog post by Populous talked about factoring as a source of finance compared to a traditional bank loan.

The team wrote:

Traditional banks have red tape policies and complex loan documentation in the terms of the agreement, which restricts a normal business owner to get instant access to cash funds. On the contrary, factoring as a source of finance is a great alternative method to build up instant cash locked up in your outstanding receivables.

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