Polymath (POLY) Releases CareTor v.1.2.0


Polymath completed its ICO launch in February 2018, and it did not take long for Polymath to make its intention known in the cryptoverse.

Polymath’s highly scalable and automated platform which simplifies the process of raising capital and issuing security tokens aided the coin’s early growth.

Over the last couple of weeks, Polymath has made its ambitions plain with a couple of high-end announcements.

Polymath’s acquisition of Tokens.com, purchase of stakes in Barbados Stock exchange, and a recent partnership with MintHealth to launch the first Healthcare Security token, MintHealth Security Token (MHTS).

More Functionality with the CareTor v1.2.0

Polymath has announced an update to its CareTor, the core functionality for security tokens that enables the creation of new module types on the platform.

The CareTor V 1.2.0 adds more features and functionality to the already versatile platform of Polymath to appeal to a larger audience of security token issuers.

Some of the new features of the CareTor V 1.2.0 include:

  • Dividend Module: This new feature will allow issuers to distribute dividends (in either ETH or any other ERC20 token) to token holders.
  • Token Balance Checkpoints: This feature will enable token issuers to take snapshots of the token balance of each individual token holder as well as the total supply of tokens.
  • Manual Approval Module: This feature will allow token issuers to create personal rules and an expiry time for the approval of token transfers between two addresses.

The CareTor V 1.2.0 update also features update to the registries, command lines of other programs in the Polymath’s network.

The announcement has not positively affected the value of the POLY tokens.

Counter Effect as Price of Polymath (POLY) Plummets

The crypto market experiences yet another massive bearish trend with as much as 98% of the market opening for trade in the loser section.

Polymath (POLY) not only joins the list of digital assets trading in the red today but also ranks high in the list of losers over the last 24 hours.

The price of POLY is hit with a sharp decline of 15.1% over the last 24 hours which gives the asset a trade value of $0.309.

As a result, POLY’s market cap is also down to an estimated $85.6 million USD consequently causing Polymath to be ranked as the 100th largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The daily trade – exchange volume of POLY remains at an average at $3, 687, 520.

For investors, HODLers, and traders willing to invest in Polymath’s securities but are unfamiliar with the project, the Polymath team will be featured on a live Q&A session today, June 22.

Future of Polymath (POLY)

Polymath is still in its early stages in the crypto market, however, the project has been able to reach some remarkable milestones.

Although the release of its update to CareTor did not bring with it the desired effect in price, Polymath’s past and recent partnerships speak of the intent of the project which will definitely take up shape once the crypto market finally overcomes the bears for good.

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