Po.et [POE] Signals ‘That’s All, Folks!’ – Its Time To Buy


Circumstances can’t have been so right for Po.et [POE]. The shared, open-source public ledger that is leverages blockchain to record unique user information and related ownership data for all digital creative assets on its blockchain.

Why is it an opportunity? One, the POE coin CEO Jarrod Dicker will be in San Fransisco to present at the TokenFest. Two, the start-up is giving away goodies for its fans that will be able to make it to the event. Or those fans who will happen to be within the vicinity of the two-day event. But does being at the TokenFest mean anything for POE holders?

Jarrod Dicker, the CEO

Po.et [POE] Signals 'That's All, Folks!' - Its Time To BuyThe Po.et CEO Jarrod Dicker is a former media person who worked for publications like Time.Inc., Washington Post, and Huffington Post. He, therefore, is a veteran whose experience should be a boost to Po.et’s blockchain agenda.

Jarrod Dicker has an exclusive opportunity to show the tokenized community that he has what it takes to bring Po.et’s ideas to fruition. He is slated to be one of the main speakers at the event that brings together experts, users, and several other leaders in the blockchain industry.

Po.et [POE] Signals 'That's All, Folks!' - Its Time To Buy

The opportunity to network with over 1000 senior level leaders provides a good platform for him to hear firsthand what leaders think of Po.et.

This is the stage from which he can utilize his previous experience as a media expert to sell Po.et’s agenda to the world. We know what Po.et promises. It’s a novel idea that has the potential to change the way creative minds safeguard their intellectual property.

But it needs to get out there and get support. Po.et is in a unique position as it comes at a time when rapid technological advancement means content creators and publishers need the protection of blockchain’s capabilities.

The ability to generate immutable and timestamped record of all creative works is a sellable and practical technological idea. He has a unique stage set before him during the technology showcasing session.

This is where the vouch for belief in the ability for blockchain to remain decentralized and secure for metadata attribution.

TokenFest for Po.et [POE] goodies

If you couldn’t make to San Francisco for the two-day event, here is what you missed: a chance to get your hands on Po.et goodies. And to live by their area of specialty, the Po.et project team posted a teaser for supporters via a Haiku.

While this two-day event will provide a chance for someone to land some fantastic stuff, the real deal should be what the rest of POE holders will get.

Po.et [POE] Signals 'That's All, Folks!' - Its Time To Buy

Po.et already has a working product and just last week, a community developer created a mobile-based app that works with Po.et’s network. With the po.et publisher app, you can now use your phone or tablet to timestamp all your creative works.

This is just one step that Po.et should seek to explore as they look to penetrate the market.

I have a friend who called me from San Francisco, saying that he would definitely be trying out his lack at the Po.et challenge. I jokingly told him that he wouldn’t get any as he doesn’t hold any POE.

Its good you know that he fired right back by saying “Edgar Allan Poe was a great poet whose work is accessible to all”. Whatever it is he meant, I didn’t get to ask. Anyway, how cool can Po.et get if the TokenFest was a catalyst for future growth?

The POE token price

The TokenFest event takes place at a time when the market is quite bearish and prices are tumbling. POE, Po.et’s token coin has also had a tough time of it in the market.

The 131st coin by market cap is today trading at $0.029957 against the USD, which represents a 10.21% drop.

This is how its price and market cap charts present on a 7-day period. It is predicted that POE will have high resistance levels at $0.030 going into the weekend. There couldn’t be another good time to buy and hold Po.et [POE].

Future prospects for the Po.et platform look great with Jarrod Dicker steering the wheel. However, be cautious as this coin will not translate into a Lambo overnight.

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