Opera To Be The First Browser With A Native Crypto Wallet


One of the world’s leading browser maker, Opera has announced that its Android browser will now support a built-in Crypto Wallet.

With the announcement, Opera launched the beta version of the Crypto Wallet enabled browser which uses Ethereum’s Web 3.0 API.

This is generally amazing news for the industry as it will likely put pressure on other browsers like Chrome and Safari to step their game up, which will further fuel crypto mass adoption.

Let’s take a look at what Opera’s doing.

What is Web 3.0?

Opera will be integrating the Ethereum Web API into its Android browser, making it the first of its kind. Web 3.0 is an update to Ethereum’s previous web 2.0 which was criticized for being too centralized.

Web 3.0 not only fixes the decentralization issues of its predecessor it provides more security amongst other features.

The integration of Web 3.0 into the Opera browser means that the Android application will support Ethereum’s decentralized apps (dApps).

Features of the Crypto Browser

As earlier stated, Opera has pointed out that the new Opera crypto browser is still in its beta phase, and a more concise version is expected to release soon.

In this phase, users will only be able to transfer a small number of digital assets. However, the Crypto Browser integrates some exciting features. One of such features is the ‘system lock.’

Opera browser uses this feature for signing in and completing transactions. This means that users can use their default security lock setting (fingerprint, facial ID) to sign into the Crypto Web browser.

Besides being more secure, it saves users a new password to worry about remembering.

With the support for DApps, crypto users will now benefit from direct integration within a browser. The browser will eliminate the need for a user to install a separate application and a crypto wallet extension.

As previously stated, the crypto browser will support access to all the decentralized applications Ethereum has to offer, but not as we know it.

The browser will support Dapps without the need for a default ‘WebView’ function which is required by other Dapp-supporting browsers. Thus, creating a smoother users experience.

Being built over the Web 3.0 API means that the Opera crypto wallet will also allow users store to ERC20 tokens, as well as ERC721 collectibles from games across the Ethereum dApp ecosystem (like CryptoKitties).

Opera to Support Mainstream Adoption for Cryptocurrencies

The Opera browser, famed for security and innovation is one of the most prominent browsers around the world.

The integration of a native crypto wallet into the Opera browser is a step towards expanding the adoption of cryptocurrency by making it more friendly to its millions of users.

The statement of Charles Hamel, Product Lead of Opera Crypto in the release announcing the integration confirms this:

“By becoming the first major browser to open up to Web 3.0, we would like to contribute to making the internet of the future more accessible. Our hope is that this will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users’ daily lives”

Opera’s decision to support the mainstream adoption of the new internet has been in the works for a while now.

Earlier this year, Opera updated their desktop browser to protect against crypto hackers. At the same time, the software company also updated the browser’s built-in currency converter to support several other significant cryptocurrencies.

Opera began rolling out the version of its browser integrated with a built-in crypto wallet this morning, although as part of its beta testing.

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