OPEN Platform And Element Group Announce Strategic Partnership


SANTA MONICA, CA – May 24, 2018 – Today, popular blockchain advisory firm, Element Group, announced their partnership with OPEN Platform. The California-based advisory firm, known in the blockchain community for investing in big ideas, expressed their interest in supporting the world’s first decentralized payment gateway.

Element specializes in asset management and advisory services and has helped a number of blockchain projects with their token sales and ICOs, including Storj, WAX, and Enigma. Element previously worked with OPEN Platform to ensure the success of OPEN’s token sale, in addition to helping OPEN build the economic structures necessary for global success. The blockchain advisory firm is now lending its expertise to helping OPEN Platform maintain post-tokenization functionality within its ecosystem.

With the recent launch of the OPEN scaffold system, application developers can now easily integrate cryptocurrency payment gateways across multiple blockchains. Because OPEN Platform can be added to new and existing applications without the need for learning blockchain languages like Solidity, developers benefit from OPEN Platform’s innovative technology without needing extensive experience working with blockchain applications. This, in turn, empowers the developer community by giving more programmers the option to accept decentralized payments.

Element Group has played a vital role in helping OPEN gain traction in global tech markets, especially the APAC region. Additionally, Element was also instrumental in growing OPEN Platform’s support by onboarding developers and brand ambassadors in multiple regions. Thanks to Element, OPEN ended their recent awareness campaign on a high note by packing out venues in Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Tokyo.

Because of their full-service business model, Element Group is able to offer blockchain projects a wide range of innovative services, such as research, marketing, trading, and corporate finance. As a result, projects that have partnered with Element benefited from a well-rounded marketing strategy that promotes mainstream adoption and success in the global market.

“We believe that OPEN Platform has the potential to solve a major pain point that exists in blockchain-friendly applications: convenient and reliable cryptocurrency payments,” said Stan Miroshnik, CEO of Element Group.

“OPEN is unique in that it allows developers to use blockchain technology in their applications without needing to understand the complexity of blockchain programming. We believe that this agnostic approach to blockchain technology is necessary in order to help blockchain technology receive mainstream acceptance and adoption.”

“We’re excited to see Element Group take such an interest in OPEN Platform,” explained OPEN CEO, Ken Sangha. “We value their expertise and experience in the blockchain community. The OPEN team is confident that Element has the skills necessary to help OPEN achieve mainstream support in the global market.”

With OPEN Platform attracting attention in crypto and developer communities worldwide, expect to see more big-name firms and industry leaders support first-ever decentralized payment solution of applications and e-commerce.

About Element Group
Element Group is a full-service firm for the digital asset capital markets that delivers advisory, trading, treasury, technology, and asset management services in an integrative manner. Founded in 2017, Element is a leading advisor on token sale transactions with global, institutional reach.

Element works globally with some of the industry’s leading projects, companies, and founders on crypto economics, financing, and strategy. Element Digital Asset Management invests firm capital in digital assets, promising emerging protocols, and distributed application technologies. Element Digital Trading specialized in facilitating over-the-counter cryptocurrency transactions for institutional counterparties.
Element Group offers securities in the U.S. through Tangent Capital Partners, LLC, a registered broker-dealer with the SEC and a member of FINRA and SIPC.

About OPEN Platform
As the only decentralized payment solution designed expressly for applications, OPEN Platform lets developers integrate cryptocurrency payments into their new and existing apps with a few short lines of code. With OPEN, developers can process in-app payments, subscriptions, and one-time purchases synchronizing data both on and off the blockchain.

This makes OPEN Platform a viable alternative to traditional online marketplaces like iTunes and the Google Play Store. To stay up-to-date on OPEN Platform and learn more about the project, visit the official website.

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