Nucleus Vision (NCash) Takes Steps In Becoming A Global Currency


The Nucleus Vision (NCash) of using blockchain and IoT’s to create contactless identification for retail shops is still in its early stages. However, the project has started making plans towards achieving globalization.

This article will look at some of the steps the Nucleus Vision is taking towards achieving its goals and possible investment opportunity in the digital token, NCash.

Nucleus Vision (NCash) Completes GSMA Integration

Nucleus Vision has successfully completed its integration with GSMA. The integration will use GSMA’s single sign digital authentication standard (the Mobile Connect solution) on technology to enable a smooth and frictionless experience for their users.

The announcement was made on March 30, and this integration will solidify the retail and in-store customer identification processes. GSMA’s Mobile Connect will greatly increase the vigor of the Nucleus program and possibly lessen the customization challenges that Nucleus Vision would have to deal with while going global.

A New Member in the Nucleus Advisory Board

Nucleus Vision on March 28, announced the addition of a new member to her advisory board. Nucleus Vision unveiled Min Kim as the newest member. Min Kim, Co-Founder of ICON and one of the biggest names in the South Korean crypto space becomes another believer in the Nucleus Vision.

Min Kim whose credentials as a blockchain expert is undisputed is expected to bring his decade-plus of experience in M&A ad IPO to the table of Nucleus.

Price and Status of the NCash

NCASH, is the official token on the Nucleus Vision initiative and is available for purchase on Binance and IDEX. As at press time, the NCash is trading at $0.026 apiece. NCASH holds a market cap of $104,841,596 and occupies the 88th position in the cryptocurrency ranking.

Should You Join the Nucleus Vision?

Back in March 2018, Nucleus Vision announced the world’s first IOT based contactless identification system built by the company. This would help retail brands world over in building a customer-focused shopping experience that derives data both in-person and from online channels using blockchain, to enable quicker and more efficient transactions across the retail ecosystem.

Nucleus Vision got listed on one of the world’s leading exchange platforms, Binance. On getting listed on Binance in March, some glaring issues as regards the potential future of the token was made clear.

Public sale of the token got canceled. 92.65% of the NCash tokens are collectively owned by the top 100 holders.

Nucleus has 60,000 members in their Reddit community with only 50 active members. Nucleus Vision hosts over 90,000 members on their telegram group, these figures don’t add up as much larger cryptocurrencies hosts a smaller number of members on Telegram.

That said, Nucleus Vision (NCash) is truly an intriguing initiative, if all doubts surrounding the existence of the program can be cleared. With the number of Red flags triggered by the Nucleus Vision, crypto enthusiasts and investors are better off staying away from the NCash.

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