Now Is The Time To Buy DMarket (DMT): The Revolutionary Gaming Currency


There’s a great chance that you have never heard of DMarket (DMT) if you are not a crypto enthusiast or a hardcore virtual gamer. DMarket is a crypto space where gamers and developers meet to trade on items (from cars to new weapons, combat gears, just to mention a few) found in various games.

The Goal of DMarket

DMarket is more than just another new cross-game platform built on the blockchain. DMarket is looking to create an economy where every gamer can turn his priced virtual items into real assets and sell them. DMarket is looking to turn the 2.4 billion gamers worldwide into potential earners.

The DMarket token DMT, would be used on the platform for;

  • Buying and selling in-game items.
  • Delivering sales commissions to digital property rights owners.
  • Purchasing Big Data analytics.
  • Buying premium accounts for individual and wholesale sellers.

The ICO for DMarket took place in November 2017, but the digital asset was only officially launched for use in February 2018.

DMarket (DMT) Listed on Bittrex and UpToken

Since its launch back in February, the run of the DMarket platform has been nothing short of impressive, already hitting the $2 mark under 2 months of its launch (regardless of its current price value).

Within a week, the DMT has been listed on two publicly acclaimed digital exchange platforms, Bittrex and UpToken.

With the listing of UpToken coming first, and that of Bittrex coming later, it has sparked a lot of excitement among gamers, developers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Within 24 hours, Bittrex is already the second most used platform for trading DMT, accounting for $11.99 million (USD) of the $29 million traded in the last 24 hours.

Price and Performance of DMarket (DMT)

One of the interesting signs shown by the DMT is its high daily trading value ratio as compared to its market capitalization. As at press time, DMT is ranked 218 with a market cap of $34,213,257 (USD). In the last 24 hours, $29,126,400 (USD) worth of DMT was traded, with DMT/BTC pain accounting for more than 80% of that value across Upbit and Bittrex.

DMT may be new to the cryptospace, but already it has experienced the sharp fluctuations, as evidenced by its 407.28% price spike on March 27th which saw the digital token trade at over $2 apiece. Current trading value of the DMT sits around $0.86 (USD).

Future of DMarket (DMT)

The target niche of DMarket, the virtual gaming industry may not be the largest as at today, but has been projected to be valued at over $128 Billion (USD) by 2020. With the current form of DMarket (DMT), it is hard to overlook the digital as a success in wait.

DMT is already regarded as one of the revolutionary assets in the virtual gaming industry, and when the time comes for greater booms in the virtual gaming industry, DMT would be among the benefactors.

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