Nothing Can Stop (XBY) From Breaking Into The Top 10


XtraBytes (XBY) is one of the latest modular blockchain platforms that offers uses scalability and peculiar security (SHA-512).

This unique security feature has been designed to be resistant to quantum technology that is hiding behind the corner. The security was also built on Proof-of-Signature (PoSign) algorithm, making mining practically non-existent.

The platform XtraBytes will be operating in a system of nodes that are solely designed to authenticate transactions. Every change made to the blockchain will have to be approved by all the connected nodes. Users that are always trying to sign invalid portions of the code would be blacklisted and removed from the network. This technology is currently used by larger altcoins DASH and IOTA and have gotten some degree of success.

XtraBytes (XBY) is different because the XBY isn’t presented as another security coin, rather, it is a fully-fledged platform that can be applied in unlimited fields. The platform will also make it possible for users to integrate any known coding language, in the process eliminating the limitations that other projects face.

The fact that XtraBytes (XBY) transactions can be confirmed instantly using a technology that can complete up to 10,000 transactions per second is another selling point. Its transaction speed is far beyond what Ripple (1500 tps) has to offer. In addition to that, the developers of the platform also claim that their system can repel up to 51% attack preventing any forks in the future.

The developers further added that they are currently working on patenting a section of their code after which the code will be opened to the public. At the moment, finding a project of this magnitude with such a low total supply of coins at the price of $0.5 is quite impossible.

The team will also roll out a final mainnet after their 3rd testnet, an update that will take place with all their nodes actively locking 80% of their tokens. This implies that the circulating supply of coins will reduce drastically and users will be left with approximately 120 million tokens, with the price expected to increase 5-10 times afterward. If the project becomes successful as expected, then the price could go up by more than 50 times its current price by the end of the year.

At the moment, the project is an advanced developmental stage, and it is the last chance for other investors to jump into the ship. The price had already surged by 500% last month, and it is clear that nothing can stop XtraBytes (XBY) from breaking into the top 10 over the next few months. Experts predict that upon a successful release, the XBY will skyrocket to $10 per token with the potential to attain higher levels after that.

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