Norwegian Woman Kidnapped As Threat Note Demands 9 Million Euros In Monero


Norwegian police records show that 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen was reported missing on October 31, 2018.

Authorities began investigations into the presumed kidnapping case in November last year but maintained a low profile because of the severe threats sent by the kidnappers.

Anne-Elisabeth’s husband, Tom Hagen is ranked 172nd on Norway’s rich list index, according to Kapital. It is believed that the suspected kidnappers targeted Hagen’s wife as a way to get to his wealth.

Hagen invests in real estate and currently owns 70 percent of Elkraft, a leading Norwegian energy company. At the moment, the real estate mogul is valued at 1.7 billion NOK (nearly $200 million).

Police investigators say that the decision to go public comes from the fact that the investigation has so far had no major leads. By going public, the police hope that public interest into the case will yield more information that could help investigators.

Anne-Elisabeth missing since October 31

Norwegian newspaper reports that Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen went missing on October 31 after an attacker accosted her in the bathroom. Initial indications were that there was no forced entry into the house. However, police have reportedly found evidence suggesting she was attacked.

According to reports, Tom Hagen did not find his wife at home when he arrived that day. He, however, saw something else- a letter written in Norwegian.

The note, apparently a threat, demanded that he pays a ransom of 9 million euros. The money was nevertheless not to be paid in fiat but in Monero, a cryptocurrency known for its anonymity.

The letter threatened that the attackers would proceed to kill Anne-Elisabeth should Hagen involve the police. It is this threat that led police to presuppose that the woman’s disappearance was a case of kidnapping.

Since that day in October, there has been no word about Anne-Elisabeth. And to complicate investigations even further, police admit to having very little in clues as to who the kidnappers are.

Police have since secured recordings from nearby traffic recordings, with revelations that there weren’t any surveillance cameras on the premises.

Time is of the essence

The police have reportedly not conducted any necessary technical and forensic studies publicly for fear that their activities might have alerted the kidnappers.

But with the latest move, the investigators want the public to come forth with any information that will lead to the rescue of Anne-Elisabeth.

The Norwegian police say that its goal is to locate the missing woman “alive and reunite her with her family.” And in this, any tips would be of great help.

“In serious crime cases, time is an important factor. We depend on tips that can help us come closer to finding Anne-Elisabeth.”

The Norwegian police department has also contacted both Europol and Interpol, looking to have a multi-pronged approach to solving the case.

It has been revealed that Norwegian news sites have all along been alive to the investigations into the suspected kidnapping. However, they avoided publicizing the case for the same reasons the police had in withholding information.

Family link case to a business conflict

According to, Hagen’s family is looking into possible business conflicts that could have resulted in Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance.

The link is related to a lawsuit involving Pareto (a brokerage firm) and Severstal, a Russian steel company.

Fraudulent activities have seen several employees indicted following an incident where 12 investors allegedly sold shares in a company called Crew Gold Corporation.

Pareto and Severstal allegedly colluded to defraud investors, among whom were Tom Hagen and Fredrik Daulemani Sneve, business partners that lost 37 million NOK.

The family is willing to chase this angle, but the police are yet to uncover any correlation between that case and the one involving Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen’s disappearance.

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