NiceHash Co-Founder Selling Entire Stake


The CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange platform NiceHash, Marko Kobal, has recently resigned from his position.

NiceHash which serves as a marketplace for matching spare computing power to miners revealed that the CEO has resigned after the Slovenian company lost over $60 million in a high profile cyber-heist late last year.

The month of December was a harsh one for the company as the company’s platform was hacked on December 6th, with the cyber-attack resulting in the exchange platform losing over 4000 bitcoins worth an estimated $63 million. At the moment, those bitcoins haven’t been recovered yet.

A few weeks after the event, the CEO of NiceHash has decided to resign from the role he took in 2014. Zdravko Poljašević, who previously had no a position at the company, reportedly replaced Kobal.

The cryptocurrency company is known for allowing users to rent their computers’ extra processing power to mine bitcoin and other altcoins.

Kobal confirmed his resignation on LinkedIn. Kobal will also sell his 45% stake in the company according to the resignation agreement with a part of his stake to be acquired by an outside investor. The remaining balance of his stake will be purchased by the company’s biggest investor H-Bit.

Even though the customer base of NiceHash is a growing concern, the company has started making moves that will ensure that everything is back to normal. Their website is now back online, and their users are free to mine and make a profit from it once again.

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