New Crypto And Blockchain Projects Will Battle On New Reality TV Series ‘Blockbattle’


The creator of Bitcoin remains a mysterious figure nine years after the launch of the top cryptocurrency. It has inspired several theories and false claims over the years.

But what if we found Satoshi- well, not the real one, but the next one?

What would it take? Nothing it seems would beat a search for the Bitcoin creator among the brightest minds around the world.

Thanks to the huge interest in the subject, the next Satoshi Nakamoto is coming to reality TV, via a new show called “BlockBattle – Who’s the Next Satoshi?”

Blockbattle is set to make its premiere on October 19 on Asia Economy TV.

Asia Economy TV’s Blockbattle is an effort to showcase the abundance of blockchain innovation talent in the world. The promoters of the show have asked interested startups and teams to submit applications by September 5.

Registration is free but is restricted to start-ups or blockchain projects that are yet to launch. Teams have to make their applications online by login into

The program will bring together several teams of blockchain developers from around the globe. These teams will battle each other through project presentations and competitions. The five-episode reality show will involve industry experts as judges and a TV as well as an online audience.

Roger Ver among judges

Some of the top personalities who participate as judges include cryptocurrency enthusiast and’s Roger Ver, Damian Williams from Alchemist Ventures, GBIC’s Lee Shin-Hye, and Rayol Hwang of Hillstone Partners.

According to Blockbattle’s website, judges will have one main role: to help identify the top ten most innovative projects from the pool during a preliminary round of eliminations.

Finalists will access top-tier assistance and mentorship sessions that will feature industry experts and professionals in fields like finance, technology, law, business, and marketing.

The Blockbattle show will be available to Asia Economy TV viewers in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Viewers from around the world will be able to stream the show via Coincast channel on YouTube.

Viewers will vote for their favorite projects in real-time and will help to choose the team or project most suited for the title of the next Satoshi.

The show’s producers have indicated that the final episode will take place on November 19. The final vote tally and the winner will be known during a live broadcast at the end of the final episode.

According to the producers, the winner will get one hundred million Korean Won. They will also have access to expert mentorship as well as the opportunity to get support from Global Investment Funds.

Expect more Crypto based TV shows

Blockbattle isn’t the only TV show or documentary in the industry. Numerous television shows have popped up in the last couple of years, all based on blockchain and cryptocurrency broadcasts.

For instance, CNBC recently announced the release of a documentary titled ‘Bitcoin: Boom or Bust’. In Japan, Tokyo MX TV hosts ‘Bitgirls’, a show in which the viewers use crypto assets when voting. Sony Pictures Television announced that its ‘Startup’ would return for a third season.

The rapid growth of the blockchain and crypto industry and its impact around the globe can only mean that more shows will materialize.

Perhaps we should take “Blockbattle” as a representation of cryptocurrency’s battle to gain mainstream adoption. What do you think?  Share your views with us.

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