Neblio (NEBL) Threatens Ethereum (ETH) In A Unique Way


One cannot ignore the 36% increase in trading value for Neblio (NEBL). Another outstanding achievement for the digital coin is by it going past the $80 million level and barely breaching the top 100 digital coins in the industry.

The news was just a tip of the iceberg of the coin offering a real threat to Ethereum (ETH) in a unique way compared to other fiat currencies.

The coin is one of the many cryptocurrencies that are mimicking ETH; however, it places itself apart from the rest. What makes Neblio be different from Ethereum, is the form of network algorithm it employs to its system. The network provides its users with a secure pathway of staking their tokens in the network.

Gaining new dApps

Neblio is a new coin in the block and just presented a new app, Blockbuilding to the market. It is yet to provide much info about the new app as they are still dotting out technical hitches. Putting aside the new app, Neblio unveiled a new device that provides you with a location for staking NEBL coins and making a return of your hard work.

The device is known as StakeBox. Clients from enterprises are already making use of the wallet and cryptocurrency app. It is a vital step for the coin to potentially compete against the giant players in the dApp space; however, it has a long way of gaining more market share.

Updates from the Neblio (NEBL)team

The dev team recently placed both hands on the deck to make the coin more aggressive in the crypto market. Starting off is converting Neblio Orion to be a private beta. Orion is the web wallet for Neblio and it is supported by NTP1. Making the web wallet a private beta would facilitate sending and receiving of NEBL coins from any browser.

The update does not throw out the traditional methods as users have the ability to easily creating tokens for the new NTP1as well as receiving and sending their current NTP1 tokens. The dev team also provided an update on the web wallet (NTP1). Hurry up and update your web wallet to wallet v1.3.1 if you do not want to miss out the added stake rewards on the transaction fees.


With the rise of next-generation blockchain developments, Neblio (NEBL)’s future is bright since it aims at developing and deploying dApps that are becoming more streamlined and significantly easier to use.

The coin continuously fights against all odds and assures investors to be an interesting blockchain solution, and this is shown by its concern in scalability and security for tokens used for applications in enterprises. The coin is also easy to use as you only have to run a node to open up a new Neblio wallet.

On top of that, it uses a proof of stake algorithm which is easy to run on your computer in terms of energy use as compared to the proof of work algorithm. Neblio is relatively a new platform, but watch out for this space.

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