Nano (NANO) Looks To End The Struggle As It Plots A New Course


Nano (NANO) was projected into the top assets in the market immediately after its rebranding in January. The asset which was formerly known as RaiBlocks entered the market with an instant, zero fee transaction, and a value that seemed to rise every hour.

These were the potentials that drew people to the Nano, however, Nano has not been able to withstand the bearish market, and the coin has almost fallen into anonymity as the decline continues.

Price and Market Performance of Nano (NANO)

The entire crypto market has been through some major turmoil over the last four months, with the prices of asset plunging deeper into the red zone with almost every hour. The case for NANO has not been much difference, as the asset has failed to replicate the form it showed at the beginning of the year.

NANO began the year as one of the strongest digital assets in the market, hitting its all-time high of $37.62 USD only two days into the year. NANO’s run in the market till date has been a bitter one for holders and investors of the coin, as the current value of the coin is a far cry from what it used to be.

As at the time of this writing, NANO is trading at $3.64 USD after declining by 11.3% over the last day. NANO is currently the 36th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $485.134 million USD. The Nano team is looking to salvage the coin from its terrible run by reconstructing its roadmap.

Nano Updates its Roadmap

Roadmaps in the cryptoverse are like the compass or lighthouse to a sailor at sea. A good Roadmap reveals loopholes in a strategy and proffer plans towards salvaging the project. The Nano Core Team quite understand this fact and last week they announced the release of an updated roadmap as it looks towards reigniting the digital asset to chase a brighter future.

The first line of projects on the Nano roadmap is the release of wallets by the development team. ‘When Wallets’ editions as Nano likes to call it, was inspired by the present NEO wallets and NEO Clients. The wallets will be released on Android, iOS and Desktop platforms.

While this seems to be a great step by the Nano Core Team, the Nano Community updates have said that legal holdups are the major reasons why the ‘When Wallets’ are still not available. According to Nano, work is being done towards releasing the wallets, and the Android wallet may be very first to be released.

Nano (NANO) Has a New Block Explorer

Nano Development team has announced a new official block explorer for the digital asset, moving from to The new interface on Nanode was done by Arman, a developer working with the Nano Development team.

The new official displays the market status of NANO, along with the network status and the latest transactions carried out on the Nano blockchain. Nano Dev Team also created a new platform for monitoring the market performance of the altcoin.

View Nano, which displays the last 50 transactions on the Nano platform along with a chart showing of the sent and received NANO coins. There are other interesting updates in the new roadmap which could start a new fire in Nano.

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