MeetOne (MEET) Coin And AdderalCoin (ADD) Airdropped To EOS Holders (Binance)


After a month of hysteria for most EOS holders, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel to a widely challenging month.

From suffering from block production freeze to reports of RAM deficiencies, being overly centralized, and a proposed constitutional change, the EOS community has had more to deal with than they initially planned for.

Good news for EOS holders

Binance has announced that they have reopened EOS for deposits and withdrawals on the world’s largest digital exchange platform. EOS was previously suspended on the powerhouse exchange platform less than 24 hours after the EOS MainNet went live, despite announcing support for the MainNet migration beforehand.

Just an hour before Binance announced the reopening of EOS for trade on the platform, Binance confirmed the completion of the airdrops of MeetOne (MEET) Coin and AdderalCoin (ADD) to EOS Holders on the platform. Both tokens were airdropped and credited directly into accounts of EOS holders.

EOS users who qualified for the airdrops were those who held EOS tokens before the MainNet launched on June 2nd.

The value of EOS has suffered from huge decline since it got suspended on Binance a month ago for the token swap. Now that the native token is available on Binance, perhaps the fortune of EOS Holders will change.

Technical details of the airdrop

The ADD and MEETONE distribution performed by Binance on July 3, was calculated with a ratio of 2 EOS tokens to 1 ADD / MEETONE.

According to Binance, the airdrop was performed based on a snapshot of EOS balances at a block height of 5,721,760 at 2018/06/02 09:59:50 (UTC). With the announcement, Binance also updated its stance on Airdropped and forked coins.

Binance updates stance on airdrops and forked coins

MEET and ADD are now open for withdrawals on Binance, however, Binance has announced that despite listing MEET and ADD, not all airdrops and forked coins performed by the leading exchange platform will be automatically listed for trade on Binance.

According to Binance, all airdropped and forked coins will still have to undergo the strict listing process just like every other blockchain project.

Binance will however still support airdrops and forked coins performed by any crypto project where the project team reaches out to Binance before the process begins.

Status of AdderalCoin (ADD) and MeetOne (MEET)

AdderalCoin (ADD) and MEETONE (MEET) are currently open for trade on Binance, however, the total amount of both tokens and their current circulating supply are still to be ascertained.

Only ADD is listed on Coinmarketcap where it is listed with a trading value of $0.000134 USD.

Current price of EOS (EOS)

Since its suspension on Binance, the value of EOS has declined by over 45%. Despite the predominant bearish trend, EOS has been showing signs of recovery following the announcements made by Binance.

EOS is currently listed as the 5th largest cryptocurrency with an estimated market capitalization of $7.97 billion USD. EOS currently has a trading value of $8.89.

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