MediShares (MDS): The New Gem Token In The Block


It is no longer news for many that cryptocurrencies are working to implement blockchain technology into every sector of the economy today.

Indeed, if a digital asset gets accepted into a new sector, it would have secured its future whilst making profits. MediShares (MDS) is a relatively new digital token built for the insurance marketplace.

As at the time of this writing the MDS token is trading at around $0.19 (USD) as compared to the $0.03 (USD) the MDS started trading at in December 2017. As number 140 in the cryptocurrency chart, MediShares has a market capitalization of $89.6 million (USD).

What is MediShares (MDS)?

MediShares was launched in December 2017 as the world’s first mutual insurance marketplace. MDS is the digital token insurers use for transactions on the network. MediShares integrates the Ethereum based decentralized system into its platform to improve efficiency, and reduce transaction costs.

The goal of MediShares is to transform the productive relation of the insurance industry into a mutual one. With the help of blockchain technology, MediShares hopes to return the insurance industry its nature by sharing the benefits insurance companies make with the community.

How Does MediShares (MDS) Work?

MediShares makes use of the decentralized Ethereum styled system to provide tools necessary for creating mutual contracts between the insurers and the insured.

Two Modules exist on the platform. The Participation Module; users send a specified amount of MDS to join mutual aid scheme. The Settlement Module; insurers use the MDS to settle members of the mutual scheme.

MediShares provides mutual aid contracts for;

  • Serious illnesses.
  • People suffering from anonymous Disease.
  • Damages resulting from Disastrous Weather.
  • Supercar Owners.
  • Virtual Currency owners.
  • Enthusiastic Divers.

MediShares (MDS) Price Prediction

MediShares is a very promising digital asset, recording a growth of over 650% in the first two months of its launch. The token is uniquely targeted towards a particular industry, with increased popularity and acceptance would come even greater growth. The price of the MDS is predicted to hit $1 by the second quarter.

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