McAfee To Run For U.S. Presidency To Raise Awareness On Cryptocurrencies


John McAfee will be in the race for the U.S presidency in 2020. However, unlike the other candidates, the crypto enthusiast will not be in it to become the next president of the United States but rather to raise awareness on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The cybersecurity promoter and bitcoin bull intends to use his 2020 presidential bid as a stage that would allow him to bring blockchain technology and crypto campaigns to the people.

In comments made on the sidelines of the Malta Blockchain Summit, McAfee revealed that he seeks to use the “libertarian platform” as an avenue to push his crypto agenda to the nation.

The founder of McAfee Antivirus Software, never staying away from a controversial statement for long, told the publication that he was certain no one would elect him as president anyway.

Promoting crypto is promoting “personal freedom”

McAfee has said before that his presidential stint in 2016 “changed the face of Cybersecurity” and hopes to use the national stage to change crypto and blockchain.

However, he reiterates that all these efforts are borne of, as well as aimed at promoting what he called “personal freedom.”

That is why he does not want to become president, but to ride the presidential campaign period talking about “personal freedom and how cryptocurrency can help us achieve that.”

In early October, McAfee tweeted his real intention of running for the presidency, and he held the same stance in his comments in Malta.

He wrote that his “POTUS run can spark a free people” and that “if we accept the Blockchain as our guiding light, our hearts and our minds can be free.” As poetic as it sounds, the one thing that McAfee wants is to see the adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies.

In Malta, he added that he isn’t going to talk about anything else other than crypto. He sees that as a personal conviction, adding that:


Crypto is the”King of the Jungle

McAfee first made public his intention to run for POTUS in June, at the time (a stance he has maintained since) saying that he would use that opportunity to support the wider cryptocurrency community as well as make a case for the asset class.

In many of his comments, even before the announcement, McAfee has said that bitcoin would eventually be the currency of the world, replacing the USD.

In his latest comments, the man whose story is behind the movie “King of the Jungle,” reiterated his 2017 prediction that Bitcoin (BTC)’s value will soar to hit $1 million by 2020.

That’s not all. McAfee believes that crypto will rule over fiat by then, saying that $1 million U.S. dollars in 2020 would be worth far less than it is currently.

According to him, “in five years time fiat will be on its last legs.”

McAfee’s belief in crypto hasn’t wavered, despite announcing in June that he would no longer promote Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) after receiving several “threats” from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

He has said before that his bid for the presidency isn’t a “publicity stunt” and that he is “twice as committed this time” as he was in 2016.

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