McAfee And Blackout Mobile Launch New Privacy-Focused Smartphone

John McAfee recently announced to his Twitter following the arrival of the Cloak Phone, billed as the "luxury of privacy" in a mobile device.


John McAfee recently announced to his Twitter following the arrival of the Cloak Phone, billed as the “luxury of privacy” in a mobile device.

The company explains that current devices do very little to protect user privacy and freely share sensitive user information with third parties such as apps.

McAfee And Blackout Mobile Launch New Privacy-Focused SmartphoneThe smartphone has been developed by Blackout Mobile and Team McAfee and is based on the original designs envisioned by McAfee.

According to, the ultra-secure and highly private phone is now available for early access.

McAfee has been called many things over the years, all down to his love of crypto. Just recently, he admitted to being a little embarrassed. However, he felt the latest label of “crypto ninja” wasn’t bad.

By backing this blockchain phone, he could be taking the challenge of bringing privacy to Smartphones. So, what do we know about the highly hyped phone? Let’s have a look.

What is the Cloak Phone?

The Cloak Phone is a smartphone developed with the privacy of users in mind. The developers, by Blackout Mobile and Team McAfee, have utilized the latest features that are set to challenge current leaders in Smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, and Google.

The much-anticipated phone will likely hit the market in the second half of 2019 (Q2 2019).  Nevertheless, it’s currently open to access by those who wish to get in early.

“The world has officially become one step closer of having “The Luxury of Privacy”. The Cloak Phone has officially arrived.”-John McAfee on Twitter

Is there a need for such a phone?

The driving force towards the Cloak Phone is the now hot topic of privacy and how normal no-blockchain phones expose users to a lot of risks.

According to the company behind the device, users are compromised by all the vulnerabilities that come with smartphones and the various apps.

The team posits that using the current smartphones see users unknowingly give away their names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, passwords, emails, photos, and fingerprints.

Other sensitive details that are vulnerable to exploitation are social security numbers, credit card details, and bank account logins. Those who have cryptocurrency account are also likely to give away their login details just by tapping on a smartphone screen.

These details are also easily accessed by anyone who has a warrant, meaning privacy is practically non-existent. However, the Cloak Phone is leveraging blockchain technology to increase device security and offering users more privacy.

What is special about the Cloak Phone?

The Cloak Phone will be powered by the Fortress OS. It’s a revolutionary operating system that has been designed specifically to enhance the security features of the phone.

You can use the OS and Tor to securely browse the internet, which is minimally exposed to vulnerabilities like current browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

The Fortress OS also encrypts all texts and calls, blocking any eventual exposure through private search options.

Additional security features

Although it may yet still be hackable, there are several other features that make it the most secure mobile-based operating system. The additional features include the use of Baseband firewall, secure boot, and end-to-end encryption.

It also has full disk encryption with AES256, encrypted internal storage, and zero-day vulnerability defense.

The secure boot feature that is built into the phone works towards preventing the phone from launching unauthorized apps.

The Baseband firewall blocks any incursions such as Stingray attack, essentially adding to the security of the phone.

Additional privacy is enhanced by the Fortress OS by not allowing advertisements to track a user’s meta-data, thus offering privacy protection.

Furthermore, the Cloak Phone will be GDPR Compliant. The General Data Protection Regulation or simply GDPR basically states that all personal data should be processed securely to protect the user.

Blackout Mobile

Blackout Mobile is a New York-based company that has said its designing the crypto-based phone from scratch. The team at the tech firm has partnered with Kitely Tech, BrandFire, and the McAfee Crypto Team on this project.

According to, the phone was “inspired by John McAfee”, who has been at the forefront of championing everything crypto.

The Blackout Store

The phone will also utilize the Blackout Store feature, which is a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace.

It helps to enhance the phone’s integrity during verification. The marketplace is based on the Ethereum blockchain and provides for zero-cost transactions.

The feature will also have remote wipe and sandboxed services that are bound to significantly increase the security capabilities of the phone.

As the team notes on their website, the store provides “blockchain-based integrity verification light years beyond any other app marketplace.”

Bottom line, the Cloak Phone is about the thorny issue of privacy. It could ultimately end up as the first step towards enhancing privacy for individual and enterprise users.

By leveraging blockchain, the Blackout Mobile team wants to tap into a growing market of users whose main concern is the lack of security, especially with scandals about unauthorized access to data.

Given that the phone is yet to hit the market properly, skeptics have doubts about its capabilities, which is expected.

However, much will be in the public domain as we near the announced date of release somewhere in Q2, 2019.

The big question may be whether it’s going to generate as much interest as McAfee’s Bitfi Crypto Wallet.

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