Why is Litecoin (LTC) So Hot? Book A Flight With Tapjets And Ask VRporn- They Both Accept LTC


The market may not be a reflection of it all, but Litecoin (LTC) is just too hot at the moment. The coin is literally being accepted as a payment method every other day.

The latest to accept Litecoin are TapJets and VRPorn. It means that it’s only a matter of time before we see a remarkable rally to a new all-time high.

TapJets accepts LTC

TapJets now allows its users to make instant payments using LTC. In yet another of the many high profile moves for Litecoin, people can now instantly book for flights using the cryptocurrency. it comes hot on the heels of another company, SurfAir, announcing that they now accept the coin.

At the time, TapJets CEO Eugene Kesselman said:

“We are excited to add Litecoin to the Bitcoin and Ethereum payment options we already accept.”

Litecoin becoming the leader

When the Pay with Litecoin initiative began, it was slow and not much was thought of it. However, more and more businesses are accepting the crypto, setting it up as the leader in making it easier to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

The TapJets CEO felt the same thing when he said that:

“The Litecoin community is strong, and we are happy to work with the Litecoin Foundation to welcome them to our platform. Making it easier to use cryptocurrency in more places is what separates the leaders from followers. This is precisely what the #PayWithLitecoin movement is all about.”

VRPorn makes LTC so hot

Another site to reveal they are accepting Litecoin (LTC) is VRPorn. This is a premium subscription site that offers users access to virtual reality porn. It’s one of the top sites in the industry and its partnership with Litecoin could be the beginning of more such adoptions.

The site has chosen LTC as its first crypto for payments and revealed the reason behind it, saying:

“VRPorn.com chose Litecoin as the first cryptocurrency we’re accepting because it’s a top-tier coin with unique benefits for the user. Litecoin’s fast confirmation times, low fees, and liquidity make it ideal for payments. Litecoin also has a great development team and community behind it.”

It also attributed the choice to Litecoin’s secure and robust network. It further noted that as one of the first coins, the cryptocurrency has a well-distributed network and difficult to compromise via a hack.

Though not in the caliber or pedigree of Pornhub, this development should be good news for Litecoin. When Verge (XVG) unveiled Pornhub as their partner, many including Lee questioned why the adult entertainment site didn’t go for an established coin.

Charlie Lee is key to this movement

No matter what you may have against him, one thing has to be agreed upon here: Charlie Lee wants Litecoin to be a top cryptocurrency. And to him, as it is with all of us, adoption is the way to go.

LTC may not be anywhere near its all-time high, but the steady adoption and acceptance its getting should be taken as a sign for better times to come. So when Charlie Lee tweets about one more site or company accepting the crypto, eyes (I believe they shouldn’t) always turn to CoinMarketCap to see whether the price is shooting to the moon.

Sadly, the coin hasn’t shot up in value. But one thing can be taken away from such developments. Litecoin is slowly making its way into businesses and companies, without much fuss like some cryptocurrencies in the industry.

LTC for AirBnB and Uber?

The pace at which Litecoin is getting accepted could soon see it warm its way to the top-tier companies. Although it’s early days, it seems no other coin makes a better case for itself than LTC.

This has led to some in the passionate community wondering if there were chance companies like AirBnB or Uber would be next to accept cryptocurrency. One of them posted a comment saying:

“Touché looking forward to the day we can use @Airbnb @Uber with $LTC”.  As if to confirm he has been thinking about it, Lee replies, “Me too… me too.”

It may not be today or tomorrow, but should such a development occur LTC would be lighting its way to the moon. Currently, Litecoin (LTC) trades at $118.2 against the US dollar and has a market cap of $6.7 billion.

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