Litecoin (LTC): Don’t Misjudge By Its Name


Investors in the crypto space have been aware of Litecoin (LTC) for a while. This cryptocurrency was the second largest digital currency that was launched in 2011, with its identity almost similar to that of industry leader bitcoin.

It might be Light by name, but it is certainly heavy in nature. The value of litecoin has increased astronomically over the past 12 months.

How do you buy Litecoin (LTC) and is it safe?

For new investors looking to get in on the act, the cheapest and easiest way to buy litecoin is to use your bitcoin currency at sites that offer the trade such as Bit Bargain.

If you are want to get them via other means, then mining litecoin using standard computing equipment is a good option to consider.

In terms of infrastructure, litecoin lags behind their heavyweight Bitcoin brother, thus implying that they are more difficult to purchase. For new investors, the best way to purchase litecoin is by using an existing Bitcoin stash.


Financial experts in all parts of the world have warned people against investing in bitcoin and other cryptos, that however hasn’t stopped the crypto mania and it is looking likely that cryptocurrencies will become accepted in all parts of the world in the not-so-distant future.

Their values might be volatile, but they have provided good value for investors since their inception. Investors and exchange platforms are boosting their cyber-security as they are frequently targeted by hackers and other criminals who seek to steal their crypto-cash online.

As a new investor in the crypto space, it is advised to be very careful when using direct P2P platforms to purchase or sell your cryptos.

You also have to be careful about ICOs. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has stopped several ICO projects over the past few months due to their fraudulent nature.

How much does Litecoin (LTC) cost?

As of this writing, Litecoin was trading at $230 in most exchange platforms. The crypto began 2017 trading at a low $4.33, implying that the crypto has enjoyed extraordinary gains over the past 12 months.

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