Lisk (LSK): The Clock Is Ticking For Big News


Lisk (LSK) is a platform designed for the development and distribution of fully featured, easy to use Javascript-based decentralized applications.

It also acts as a decentralized payment system & money network (using the LSK coins). It was forged from Crypti and not from Ethereum as is widely believed.

The Rebranding

The rebranding and relaunch is without a doubt the biggest news around the Lisk ecosystem at the moment. The relaunch is scheduled for today February 20th, 2018. The rebranding will see Lisk take up a new name, not only that, it is set to unveil an updated and improved platform.

The Rebranding of Lisk is set to start at 7:30 PM CET, you can live stream the event on YouTube, or follow the trend on Twitter here. The live streaming of the rebranding is set to start at 8:30 PM CET. The rebranding of Lisk will cover the following topics as it affects the digital asset.

  • A new wallet and explorer will be unveiled today.
  • The Lisk Academy will be unveiled today.
  • A new website will be unveiled.
  • CEO will talk about vision and goals for Lisk.
  • There will be a panel discussion.

Core 1.0.0, LiskJS 1.0.0, and Lisky 1.0.0 are feature complete, all these will be discussed today.

The rebranding is not the only newsworthy a note, Lisk foundations have managed to get listed on both BitFlyer and in February. In other news, Lisk forging pool GDT went all out to support the Lisk team with LSK tokens ahead on its rebranding on the 20th.

Lisk Foundation also announced a Lisk magazine; a website that would contain all information and updates on the platform, and a new team, Lisk Ascend, a new delegate team of developers, marketers e.t.c seeking to apply their diverse skills to make consistent and substantial contributions to the Lisk ecosystem.

Performance of Lisk Today

The last 48 hours prior to this writing has seen Lisk drop drastically. The last 48 hours has seen Lisk shed 20% of its trading value, with its market capitalization dropping from of $4,202,290,799 (USD) to $2,998,176,539 (USD).

Lisk is currently ranked 17th on the cryptocurrency ranking, moving from 14th. As at press time, LSK is currently trading at $29.39 apiece.

The time to purchase Lisk (LSK) while it was low priced is far gone, only those who are serious in investing in the digital asset can now. We are looking to see more than just better performance on the Re-Launch of Lisk but also more futuristic and practical additions to the amazing digital asset.

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