Lisk’s (LSK) DApps Are Changing Society Right Under Our Noses


The thing about being a cryptocurrency enthusiast is that sometimes we are caught up with checking coinmarketcap rather than what the actual team behind a coin is doing.

In the case of Lisk (LSK), we want days when the coin is valued at $38 instead of the current $20. But none of us really bothers to check what the development teams are doing under the radar to bring a trustless and more efficient future to us.

Trustless, in this case, means that we do not need to trust a third party with our real-life processes. This third party can be banks, academic institutions, governments, and even hospitals.

Lisk-based blockchain projects being developed

Sapiens Project

The Sapiens project is a complete decentralized academic and certification system with an integrated courses marketplace. This means we no longer have to worry that our transcripts, diplomas, degrees and all paper certifications will be destroyed by nature’s elements or records will go missing in the back office.

The Sapiens project aims to have all these records digitized, accessible, verifiable, traceable and shared amongst institutions of learning, the individuals owning them and employers.

Imagine logging into LinkedIn and with the press of a button, you can share your verified academic and professional achievements to potential employers.

This will make life much easier and cost effective for even institutions of learning who are forced to vouch for an alumnus of the institution using reference letters and emails.

This platform is a sidechain of the Lisk blockchain and aims to encourage children to learn by giving them an incentive of earning REN coins for their efforts.

Yes. Children earn to learn. I am sold 100%. Think of how many REN coins we’d have accumulated and how much effort we’d have put in class if this technology was available from day one of kindergarten.

The REN savings can be managed by either the parent or the child to help develop financial literacy or spent in marketplaces where REN is accepted.

Madana is a platform designed to allow data producers like you and me to monetize this data without compromising our privacy. Every day, we provide data to Internet Service Providers, websites, phone companies, and even grocery stores whenever we interact with their products and services.

This data is taken without our in-depth knowledge and hidden in the fine print of terms and conditions of using their products or services. But now, we can control what we share, earn from it and even decide to disclose our identity. If we choose not to declare our identity, only the data analysis will be shared to the third party.

Brikbit is an exciting sidechain project from the Lisk blockchain in that it plans to develop and manage real estate industry operations. This means no more middleman in the form of real estate agents or banks. I see cost savings right there on any rental or purchase of a home.

And if you cannot afford an entire property as an investment, you can buy a share of it using the Real Estate Digital Assets (REDA) capability of Brikbit. REDA will have smart contract capability allowing it to perform easy transactions when one wants to sell their share of the property.

Moosecoin ICO is live and kicking right now. It is aimed at providing every musician the chance to create his or her own business model. It will give them the autonomy to raise funds for their projects and also provide a marketplace for their music business. Say goodbye to big controlling record labels.

In summary, as far as it is exciting to check and trade coins and tokens, it is worthwhile to check what the development teams behind some of our favorite blockchain projects are doing. It might unveil surprises that will also make our lives more efficient and cost effective in a few years to come.

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