Lisk (LSK) Announces Core 1.0 Testnet – Everything You Should Know


Just like most crypto projects, Lisk started off as a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. The passage of time has uncovered flaws in the network of most mother blockchains from which most cryptocurrencies were formed.

A course to fix these flaws or improve the functionality of their respective networks are the major reasons behind the increasing number of crypto projects migrating to their MainNet.

The recently confirmed release schedule of the Lisk core 1.0.0 is a buildup towards Lisk’s future migration to a MainNet of its own.

Lisk HQ has announced that with the current development pace, Lisk will achieve a block height of 5,594,490, hence estimating the Testnet network to go live on Thursday, June 28 at 12:00 CET.

Expect A Bigger Testnet

Lisk has confirmed that the Testnet will go large scale with its Core 1.0.0 or Testnet.

Lisk stated that over the last weekend, its developers performed and a finished a betanet testing with almost 500 nodes.

Lisk HQ reported that implementation of the snapshots and synchronization of the nodes running the upcoming Core 1.0.0 has been completed an is running smoothly.

The Core 1.0,0 is Fully Functional

Lisk did not withhold much information, stating that the stress tests and multiple acceptance tests carried out on the betanet ahead of the core 1.0.0 release were all successful.

Achieving a block height of 5,594,490 is all that is left for Lisk before it releases the Core 1.0.0

Ahead of the public launch of the Core 1.0, Lisk HQ has also released a Documentation and migration guide for members of her community describing all the important technical details of the new version of the Lisk blockchain.

In the documentation, Lisk HQ discussed the Lisk protocols, core, elements, hub, and explorer. The Lisk Documentation and Migration Guide can be accessed here.

For blockchain enthusiasts and members of the Lisk community interested in gaining more information about the Lisk Core 1.0.0, the Lisk team will be appearing Live in an AMA that will be conducted on Reddit next week.

An Update Will Come Shortly After the Core 1.0.0 Goes Live

Lisk has always promised consistency in the release of its projects, and as such, Lisk has announced that shortly after the MainNet goes live, an update will be released.

Lisk has called the update to Core 1.0.0, 1.1.0 and is expected to focus on fixing issues the testnet will encounter, provide code updates and improve the performance of the network.

Lisk Now Supported on the #1 Cryptocurrency Wallet

Yesterday, TREZOR announced a major upgrade. The leading crypto wallet maker in the world announced that it will be supporting Lisk among a few other new coins and tokens.

This is major news for HODLers as they now have a safe place to keep their coins offline.

Market Status of Lisk (LSK)

Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) rose briefly above the $6,000 mark, as a result, Lisk recorded substantial growth reaching a high of $5.63.

However, by the end of yesterday, the bears reacted, bottoming out the brief price increase LSK recorded. As at press time, LSK has a trade value of $5.41 as a result of a price drop of 1.84% over the last 24 hours.

Lisk’s market capitalization is down to an estimated $581 million USD, as a result, Lisk is now the 24th largest cryptocurrency. There is the possibility that Lisk could rally support and break the $6 mark when Testnet goes public in two days.

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