Kik Messenger Integrates Kin Token (KIN) Into Crypto Marketplace

Popular social media platform, Kik messenger commonly called Kik has deployed Kin into its marketplace.


Popular social media platform, Kik messenger commonly called Kik has deployed Kin into its marketplace.

The integration is in the starting phase (beta testing), where Kik will select a limited number of users who will earn Kin tokens by taking quizzes, answering polls, and completing other tasks in the Kik Marketplace Beta.

Users of Kik messenger will then be able to use their Kin tokens to purchase add-ons in the Kik messenger. With the announcement, Kik also launched some free customization tools including themes for users.

When the integration is complete, all users of Kik will be able to make payments for premium themes and other in-app purchases on the Kik messenger.

Kik – Kin Partnership: A Step Towards Mass Adoption

Kik’s integration of Kin token may not be the most likely that one would expect, but it opens up yet another sector for the application of Kin.

Kik’s product manager Laura Newton said about Kik’s integration of Kin token, that Kik’s goal is to build Kin into a product that would be used on a daily basis, she also said.

“Real customer use of cryptocurrency doesn’t exist today, because the technology has yet to be adapted in daily life. We’ve built Kin into products that Kik users already use and have layered this experience in a simple and seamless way […]”

According to Laura Newton, Kin will continue to be a pillar for the product strategy adopted by Kik, and will provide a clear example for other applications to launch Kin in their respective economies.

Laura also revealed that in the future, Kik users will be able to use KIN for peer to peer transaction on the social media platform.

The company behind the Kik messenger which is home to millions of users, Kik believes that the integration of Kin into its marketplace is a step towards widespread adoption of the Kin tokens.

Kin may not be the most valuable digital asset in the cryptoverse at the moment, but gaining massive adoption in the future could see it become one of the most valuable assets in the future.

Current Market Status of Kin Tokens (KIN)

KIN faces gross devaluation like the declining crypto market. As at the time of this writing, KIN is down by a sharp 7.12%, as a result, the token is currently valued at $0.00013.

KIN has an estimated market capitalization of $98.2 billion USD which makes Kin the 83rd largest cryptocurrency.

Future of Kin

Kik has revealed its plans of creating a software development kit with Kin foundation that will allow other applications to deploy the cryptocurrency to their platform.

Product manager, Laura Newton has confirmed a partnership with Unity Game Development for creating an SDK to allow developers to embed Kin tokens into the architecture of their games.

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