John McAfee Appointed CEO Of Blockchain Project Luxcore (LUX)


Security expert and popular cryptocurrency pundit John McAfee have been appointed as the CEO of Luxcore (LUX), a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem.

McAfee appointment to spur growth

Luxcore is a blockchain firm that designs and develops enterprise-ready security and privacy products.

The company in its announcement stated that the appointment of McAfee is part of reorganization strategies put in place to spur the business growth of the cryptocurrency Lux Coin.

While addressing its community, Luxcore stated:

We are excited to announce @officialmcafee as the new CEO of Luxcore! John’s appointment is part of a massive personnel reorganization designed to drive significant and rapid business growth for $LUX. It’s the dawning of a #NewEra

The new CEO is his statement afterward stated that:

I have accepted the position of CEO of LUXCORE. They have been working hard behind the scenes and will soon announce the availability of Blockchain features we have all been waiting for. I will still continue to lead Team McAfee on its adventurous journey.

John McAfee has been one of the most vocal voices in the cryptocurrency world over the past few months. He has always been campaigning for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. And that has gained him a lot of followers.

Luxcore is expected to be a topnotch product once John McAfee begins his work as the CEO of the platform.

Luxcore added that the company is thriving on the ground-breaking PHI2 algorithm fueled blockchain to develop and implement its core product offerings.

The product offerings are the open source blockchain token of value, Lux Coin & the enterprise consumer-focused, closed source products like LuxGate and Parallel Masternodes.

Luxcore is aiming to close the gap between consumers and enterprise users through specific product use-cases that are purely designed for each. This will lead eventually lead to blockchain usage going mainstream, the goal of Luxcore since it was established.

Price prediction still stands: McAfee

Just like other popular pundits in the cryptocurrency world, John McAfee has over the past few months offered his prediction on cryptocurrency prices. He confirms that his predictions stand despite recent market fall.

He recently stated that his predictions are shit if they fail in 18 months, which is considered as the minimum long-term investment. He added that he buys everything he recommends, thus making him of the richest men on earth.

He added that his $400,000 ride, his yacht which is the largest on the Island are all bought with his winnings.

McAfee unhackable wallet hacked again

John McAfee’s cryptocurrency wallet BitFi has been hacked again. This is despite claims by McAfee that the wallet is unhackable.

After cracking the so-called Bitfi wallet to play the game DOOM on it, the researchers were able to successfully send signed transactions with the device. With this development, the researchers believe that they have fulfilled the conditions of Bitfi’s $10,000 bug bounty.

As a longtime advocate for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, John McAfee announced a few weeks back that he is vying for the presidential seat in the United States. According to him, he is doing it for the cryptocurrency community.

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