Israel Attorney Indicts Man Alleged To Have Stolen Dash (DASH) Worth Over $9 Million


A man identified as Afek Zard is facing an indictment in Israel for allegedly stealing 74,990.74 Dash (worth over $9 million).

According to a news report carried in media outlet News1 on April 18, Zard stole the crypto from an acquaintance, Alexei Yaromenko. Per the news article, the victim is an early cryptocurrency adopter who began investing in and accumulating cryptocurrencies from as early as 2013.

Yaromenko is said to have introduced and taught Zard about cryptocurrencies and how to trade them, only for the roommate to hatch the alleged theft plans. An indictment document claims that the alleged thief had a key that gave him access to the victim’s apartment.

The files, prepared by attorney Giora Hazan, reveal that Zard used the spare key to get into Yaromenko’s room while the victim was away. He then proceeded to access the roommate’s computer and managed to get hold of crypto wallet login details.

As per data from, the stolen coins are equivalent to 0.85 percent of the total Dash (DASH) circulating supply.

News1 writes that the allegedly stolen coins had been in the victim’s wallet by March 1 this year. At the time, every DASH unit traded at about $82.5. It is at this time that the defendant purportedly accessed Yaromenko’s wallet and looted it of the said coins.

The indictment notes that Zard, either worked alone or collaborated with others to commit the theft. The stolen Dash coins were allegedly transferred to four wallets belonging to the defendant.

The news report also states that Zard has been accused of aggravated theft, and will face additional charges related to money laundering and illegal access to a computer with the intention of committing a felony.

Elsewhere, three people were indicted by the Manhattan district attorney for engaging in illegal drugs sale as well as money laundering involving bitcoin worth millions of dollars.

A Danish man, 33, is to spend four years and three months in prison after being sentenced on charges of money laundering involving more than $450,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC).

In early April, a jury in a U.S. federal court found two Romanians guilty of crypto-related wire fraud and money laundering, and cryptojacking. The two allegedly committed these crimes by first spreading malware and used it to steal users’ details.

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