Is Verge (XVG) On The Verge Of An Inevitable Global Acceptance?


It has almost unanimously been accepted that altcoins will find it hard to get out of the shadow created by Bitcoin’s stellar rise over the years.

Many altcoin projects have made effort to get out, to no avail. But that could be challenged and possibly altered by Verge (XVG).

As the global community begins to wake up to the transformative capabilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency, certain features will likely propel a few altcoins into the limelight.

That has already happened with Verge, its unique Wraith protocol feature making it stand out and on the verge of mass adoption.  The ability for users to seamlessly toggle between private and public transactions on a secure network continues to appeal to many.

You can’t possibly go on regarding Verge (XVG) as simply a privacy coin. That is too simplistic in 2018, a year that sees XVG peering into an inevitable global adoption.

From the day Verge’s Sunerok and the team made it known that the cryptocurrency was in talks with a mystery partner, to the day that partnership was to be revealed, every corner of the crypto sphere must have waited with bated breath.

However, the final announcement appeared to take the wind out of XVG’s sails, and certain quarters were quick to reveal their disdain and ridicule. But almost two months later, the number of vendors and payment providers accepting XVG has increased tenfold.

According to Verge’s official website, the total number of vendors who now accept the coin as payment stands at 95. This number is negligible in terms of global capacity but look at the rate at which more vendors are beginning to accept XVG payments. Only a month ago, XVG was virtually unknown, fighting to gain recognition in the private market.

From seed to revolution

In their “seed to revolution” message to the Verge community, Verge currency sums up the uptrend towards mass adoption like this:

“… our project has gone from a small independent movement focused on providing our users with a safe and privacy-oriented way to handle everyday transactions to something much, much bigger… it is destined to be one of the biggest adoptions of cryptocurrency in the entire industry.”

According to Verge, XVG is designed for everyday use, something that sits it pretty well for mass adoption. The platform offers one of the lowest fees and is highly scalable allowing faster transactions.

Furthermore, the high coin supply and high circulating volume (there are 14,975,611,411 XVG in circulation) augur well for a coin that wants to become the currency for everyday use. All these are possible while users have the choice to either transact on the public blockchain or decide to remain private.

More partnerships and a focused team

It seems the stream of partnerships happening for Verge (XVG) won’t run dry soon.  And as news of yet another high profile partnership surfaces, XVG’s profile rises with it. Currently, Pornhub is the biggest partnership Verge has struck, providing an invaluable marketing strategy and route to faster adoption. But that is hardly going to be the biggest ever.

There continue to be speculations of a possible link between Verge and Paypal and Venmo, possible game-changers if there’s any truth to such possibilities.

We know Verge is said to be working with TokenPay to finalize the release of debit cards for XVG and TPAY. That in itself is a big step towards adoption. Last week, Trafficjunky announced that it would begin accepting XVG payments.

The partnership is likely to expose Verge to a widened market. All these happen even as Verge community is trying to rally for the currency to be added to Spotify and Streamlab.

What all the efforts are pointing to is a cryptocurrency that has set its sight on conquering the mass market. Is Verge (XVG) on the verge of getting into global everyday use? I think it is. 2018 will surely be the one that makes it a possibility, but the next two or three years could see it become the de facto payment currency for a majority of the global population.

As this happens, the value of Verge (XVG) will certainly rise; it could be worth investing in the cryptocurrency even as you are probably going to benefit more by using it in your everyday transactions.

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