Is Reaching $10 Possible? – Steem (STEEM) Vs. Aeon (AEON)


The crypto-crash was not only unexpected, but it was also major. With devaluation over 95% of the cryptocurrencies in the market. The crash is over, and some cryptocurrencies are already experiencing growth. Let us look at the chances of Steem (STEEM), and AEON (AEON) getting to $10.

STEEM $10 in 2018?

Steem (STEEM) was one of the most hit cryptocurrencies from last week. Dropping by more than 50% trading value (from well over $6 to as low as $2.77). STEEM has managed to climb up to $5 in the last few days.

STEEM’s all-time high of $8 was recorded earlier in January. Considering STEEM coin has only been truly active for the past 3 months (although it was launched in 2016), puts it in a position of experiencing more growth in the months to come.

STEEM offers what can be described as an open platform. Everyone can try out STEEM to see how it works before deciding whether to invest in the platform or not, this is one of the reasons for the growth of STEEM in the last few months.

Some experts have started comparing STEEM to social media giant Facebook. For STEEM cryptocurrency the $10 mark is not an impossibility, and it is not far off.

Could AEON Jump To $10?

For Aeon (AEON) the story is not so different. AEON may not ring a bell anytime the name is called, but it is one of those who has been growing under secretly. AEON coin has been growing steadily and was close to hitting $10 earlier in January when it achieved an all-time high of $9.4.

AEON cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $4.5 after falling from around $7. AEON’s growth in the last month has not only been steady, but consistent. You should consider adding AEON to your portfolio of privacy coins that will shake up 2018.

When considering Steem (STEEM) and Aeon (AEON), the question is not who will get to $10, but which of the three will be the first to get to $10. Looking at the recent growth rate, STEEM will hit $10 before AEON, except smart cities pop up in a few months or AEON slacks in the market.

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