IOTA (MIOTA), Qtum (QTUM), NEO (NEO): What Makes These Coins Great Options?


With the market set to continue recovery efforts, these three coins provide a great option for diversification. While it’s not explicit advice for investing in them, a good research into them should help you make a wiser decision.


MIOTA is trading at $1.20, +17.14 percent against the US dollar. The coin is experiencing a positive trend after the recent downtrend that affected the entire market. It is +23.83% on the upside over the 7-day period. It has a market cap of $4.8b and the last 24h have seen $365m coins traded. What’s likely to sustain interest in Q2?

IOTA trinity wallet release increases adoption chances

In the current race to get projects off the ramp often sees teams roll out products without secure and user-friendly wallets. That eventually impacts on user experiences, turning exuberance into exasperation. Well, perhaps that has been the thinking behind IOTA’s delayed release of their much-hyped Trinity Wallet.

It turns out the community also collaborated on the project, culminating in a product that’s now in testnet. The IOTA project has a much tougher task, trying to balance its Internet of Things (IoT) and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) approach to cryptocurrency.

While the team has done a great job by putting together a truly experienced Foundation, their efforts to steer the coin towards am working product can only be complemented by a satisfied community.

The IOTA community has constantly, but patiently talked about and waited for the benefits of having a wallet designed to offer security and ease of use for all MIOTA holders. By reaching the testing stage, Trinity is almost out and that can only add to the expected increased adoption of the crypto in the course of 2018.

The Alpha release involved about 250 users and beta is expected somewhere in May. It is a feature-filled, boasting both “standard” and “expert” modes. It will also allow snapshot transitions of the Tangle. The snapshot involves resetting the Tangle to improve on scalability. Additionally, the wallet will allow fiat conversion when sending MIOTA.

Qtum (QTUM)

QTUM is trading at $15.05, +8.78% higher against the US dollar over the 24h period and +13.55% over the 7-day period. The crypto has a market cap of $1.3b and the last 24h have seen $205m exchanged for this 19th ranked coin. What’s likely to sustain interest in the coin in Q2 and beyond?

Qtum’s appeal lies in its architecture

The many advantages Qtum has over its immediate rivals give it an edge in the race for adoption. While it faces stiff competition from the likes of Cardano and EOS, the unique architecture of combining the “best of Bitcoin and Ethereum” makes it quite attractive to big influencers and companies that believe in the top two coins.

Furthermore, Qtum utilizes its own network of satellites for connections, meaning it doesn’t rely on traditional internet connections. The platform also holds an advantage over other upcoming coins due to its connection to the IoT Alliance. This gives it a useful platform to explore more uses for its network.

However, the biggest advantage involves the number of high profile individuals who support the coin. These influencers, like Di Lorio and Jeremy Gardner, give the platform a lot of valuable exposure to their followers, helping the coin’s visibility.


NEO is certainly one of the highlight projects coming out strongly in 2018. Ranked 9th on the market, the coin has a market cap of $3.9 billion. At the time of writing the coin was trading at $61.22 against the US dollar.  Over the last 24 hours, the coin has had an upside price movement of +11.34%.

The percentage increases over the 7-day period, accumulating +30.94% against the USD. What then is expected to have NEO ticking on all the right boxes in the coming days?

The NEP-5 token platform will be vital

The success of Ontology (ONT) has helped draw interest in the NEP-5 token hosted on the NEO network. At the moment, there are about 19 NEP-5 projects on the NEO platform, all of which will be crucial once they get listed on exchanges. Look out for Switcheo (SWH), Apex (CPX), Trinity (TNC), and Neon Exchange (NEX).

Also interesting is the revelation that 6 new projects will be announced at this week’s NEO meet-up in Amsterdam. As part of its Europe Tour, NEO will be in a number of iconic cities, highlighting its VM and helping developers get hands-on skills in building on its platform.

Apart from that, it’s also crucial for the platform if Upbit, Korea’s largest exchange goes ahead to implement the NEO/GAS distribution initiative. According to a post on NEO’s subreddit, the exchange will begin paying NEO holders GAS tokens as from May 7th. This is what part of the post, says:

“Thank you for waiting so long. We have reviewed and solved various security issues for GAS payment; we will pay NEO GAS every week from May 7 for members who have NEO in Upbit”

We will likely see an increase in the daily trading volume of NEO with the above announcement. Exciting times wait ahead for this cryptocurrency.

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