Waste Management Startup ‘TWO IoT’ To Use IOTA’s Tangle Tech

TWO IoT, a waste management startup, is leveraging IOTA (MIOTA) and its tangle tech to reduce cost and improve the efficiency of waste collection.


TWO IoT, a waste management startup, is leveraging IOTA (MIOTA) and its tangle tech to reduce cost and improve the efficiency of waste collection.

One major drive for projects leveraging blockchain technology is to develop a solution that has a dependable use case in the real world or solves an existing problem.

Since inception, IOTA (MOITA) has shown much promise as it strives to revolutionize the world with its Internet of Things (IoT) and its Tangle technology.

IOTA is popular for creating a highly efficient, scalable, fast and free platform within the cryptoverse, however, TWO IoT is proof that IOTA’s tech can solve a real-world problem (outside the world of digital currencies).

What is TWO IoT?

TWO is a private waste management startup looking to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with the collection of waste. The startup wants to offer real-time waste monitoring by using wifi-connected sensors in trash binds with IOTA’s technology.

Waste Management Startup 'TWO IoT' To Use IOTA's Tangle Tech

IOTA’s technology applies its internet of things (IoT) roots to solve a growing problem of companies in cities all over the world, waste management.

Waste costs millions of dollars to collect, manage and remove every year. IOTA merges IoT and Tangles DLT technology to bring waste management into the 21st century with more efficiency and lower costs.

According to Hello IOTA, TWO wants to

“equip waste bins and containers with sensors which not only provide a real-time overview about the waste levels inside, but also “order” the truck fleet once they are full”.

How does TWO IoT Work?

TWO is an IoT hardware device that measures real-time fill levels of waste bins to substantially lower the costs and resources used in the waste management process through IoT and DLT autonomy.

TWO, which has been fitted with a tangle-based monitoring and analytics system, acts the moment garbage cans get full, notifies the truck which then proceeds to picks up the waste and takes it away.

Waste Management Startup 'TWO IoT' To Use IOTA's Tangle TechThere are still cases where waste managers collect empty bins and still demand money for this service, TWO is IOTA’s attempt to solve this problem.

The IoT device also come fitted with a WIFI transceiver (to keep waste management services update) and a Lithium-ion battery that lasts over 36 months.

The development team behind TWO noted that the device utilizes the power of IOTA’s Tangle to have a new block-less distributed ledger that is scalable and lightweight.

This enables TWO to store data in Tangle’s tamper-proof, with this you do not require lawyers to settle this issue as the device indicates when the bin is full.

Smart waste management and reduced costs

Further, TWO will help in monitoring contractors. Large companies and public institutions like schools and airports often hire third parties to handle these tasks. The cost of these services typically varies with the number of waste bins and size.

Through smart-contract technology built into IOTA, TWO IoT can help automate the monitoring process while ensuring that billing is fair and only executed appropriately.

Implementing TWO will also give waste management service the avenue to provide a complete ledger of their contract, from clearing the bin until the drop-off at the landfill facility.

“Every waste bin will be equipped with a sensor which everyone is probably familiar with: a vehicle reverse sensor (the thing which normally warns you before you bump against a wall with your car)”.

IOTA previously stated that TWO can optimize waste management in large buildings like airports and can also be scaled to smart city level deployments.

IOTA has announced that TWO will have its first client to be an airport and that it is currently testing its waste management solution with the Taipei city hall building.

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