Volkswagen To Track Vehicle Data Using IOTA’s Tangle Ledger


Since its inception, the IOTA project has been linked with a handful of industries and companies, owing to its very unique distributed ledger based on transaction links, Tangle.

Earlier this year, IOTA announced a partnership with German car manufacturer, Volkswagen as the later plans to introduce the distributed ledger technologies into the automobile industry.

IOTA’s Tangle was used by Volkswagen to boost the efficiency and streamline interactions between stakeholders. However, moving past that, both companies have worked together on a bigger project.

Volkswagen to launch a Tangle-based project

Volkswagen in collaboration with IOTA Foundation has confirmed the launch of its first working product. Volkswagen announced the product, Digital CarPass.

According to Volkswagen, the protocols for Digital CarPass is expected to be ready and available for its customers early in 2019, perhaps in Q1.

Volkswagen has been rather silent about the launch, with IOTA Foundation being the first to announce with a tweet via its official Twitter handle, it reads:

“For the development of the technology, #Volkswagen tapped the #IOTA Foundation, a Berlin-based nonprofit and one of the best-known initiatives in the #crypto community. Sinram said that #CarPass will be launched in early 2019.”

Volkswagen’s Digital CarPass

At the just concluded CEBIT’18 Expo show, held in Hannover, IOTA Foundation and Volkswagen published a proposing Proof-of-Concept (PoC), and how Tangle can be integrated into Volkswagen’s vehicles.

According to the proof-of-concept proposition released last week, one of the key areas both companies are looking at is using Tangle as a means to track vehicle data (mileage, usage, etc.) and to transfer software updates to Volkswagen’s autonomous vehicles ‘over the air’.

The product will be using the ‘blockless protocol’, the same process by which transactions are sent on the Tangle network which causes two other transactions to be validated, essentially making it faster and more efficient.

A spokesman from Volkswagen announced that Tangle would be used by Volkswagen to create a Connect feature, as a means for individual drivers to check how many miles their cars have driven.

IOTA’s tangle will be integrated into Digital CarPass to track data on Volkswagen cars so as to evaluate their performances.

Just a theory, but the data derived from this product could inform its owner about the performance of the car and the appropriate moment for inspection.

Volkswagen and blockchain

Volkswagen first announced its partnership with IOTA Foundation in February this year, although there has been very little information from the collaboration, with this announcement being the most substantial till date.

At an event in Tel Avis, Head of Blockchain at Volkswagen, Benjamin Sinram gave a detailed breakdown of the five blockchain pilots that the automobile giant is pursuing.

According to Sinram, the initiative which involves IOTA is the farthest along in their roadmap. This could mean that Volkswagen has other blockchain projects currently in development.

It could also mean that IOTA and Volkswagen are building something big. Volkswagen is not the only automobile company looking to leverage the blockchain tech, as BMW, Renault among others have ventured into the nascent industry.

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