IOTA (MIOTA): Good News for IOTA Users at the Right Time


The most awaited blockchain dream of how humans and machines interact is coming through. Thanks to the innovative IOTA (MIOTA) distributed ledger technology.

It is now possible to connect digitally with the real world to make your life a little easier. This is a step closer to attaining their dreams of offering real-life solutions to your everyday problems.

Automating Your Driving and More

In the continuing quest to develop a future technology, IOTA Volkswagen partnership will see the introduction to the market the first-ever fully autonomous car. These are new technologies that will enable you to customize your personal driving preferences and customized settings. It the platform will automate driving for a better experience and enhanced safety.

Currently, plans are underway to integrate the driverless car concept in California. This should come as early as April. Already the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is undertaking public tests that will ultimately result in rolling out the plan. Driverless autonomous offers a better proposition and opportunities for growth of IOTA (MIOTA).

Driverless cars will be controlled from a central point with human input. The entire system will computerize and easy to monitor. This is poised to revolutionize the transport system and reduced the number of vitalities caused by human error.

Zero Money Transfers from IOTA (MIOTA)

With the cost of money transfer getting out of reach for the ordinary user, IOTA coin is making the entire process free. Whether you are performing micro-transactions or sending large sums of money, IOTA promises a free service to all users across the globe.

This noble innovation has been made possible through the deployment of the distributed ledger technology. To this end, IOTA developers are set to keep on improving the system infrastructure and enhance user experience and satisfaction.

IOTA goal is to offer the best solutions to the consumer; it is a new world of shared economy where you need a simple chip to integrate it with driving systems, accommodation bookings and scheduling in the aviation industry among other functionalities with IOTA, all you need is a simple chip that you can lease in real time and you are good to go.

The IOTA Tangle

With the IOTA blockchain technology data is shared through the Tangle. The system automatically encrypts and authenticates data. This makes the information secure and easy to analyze if the need arises. You do not have to worry about sensitive data or personal information; it cannot be shared, viewed or edited by a third party without your authorization.

Development of Smart Cities

The tangle technology deployed by the IOTA platform is set to power the “smart cities”. Using logic and data, the IOTA blockchain is set to revolutionize entire urban set ups. Easing congestion in cities is one way of saving time in traffic jams and easing transport bottlenecks. You can use the system to know the right time to use your personal car or take public means.

This will not only help you save time but will impact positively on the environment. With fewer cars in urban centers, it means less emission. Urban dwellers will for once breathe fresh air and reduce ailments associated with air pollution. This is one of the best use cases for self-regulating peer-to-peer blockchain ecosystem.

IOTA is multi-faced and in the future, it intends to disrupt many industries that rely on technology. This is seen as one of the way blockchain technology will positively impact on future economies for developing and developed countries. Whether you are in supply chain management, products, finance or in the educations sector, IOTA (MIOTA) is your future platform.

All these innovation and upgrades are what the platform, through the IOTA Foundation are pursuing to offer the investor value for their money. There are more to come and this will positively impact on the value of the IOTA (MIOTA) token.

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