IOST (IOST), Enigma (ENG) And Asch (XAS) Skyrocket As Markets Recover


The markets are showing remarkable resilience as assets recover after a minor decline after negativity surrounding the hacking of Bithumb.

Three of the tokens that have seen prices skyrocket are IOST, Enigma, and Asch.


The market has shown some defiance against the Bithumb hacking incident and crypto project prices remained bullish. IOST is one of those that have skyrocketed over the last 24 hours.

IOST/USD prices surged from $0.0285 against the USD to reach a high of $0.03. On the back of an impending major announcement regarding its ecosystem, IOST is now testing $0.035.

Significantly, IOST has also made gains against BTC pairs by about 3%.
The token has moved up the charts thanks to a +6% surge over the last 24 hours and 14% overall over the last 7 days.

The spike sees its market cap rise from just over $33 million on June 20, 2018, to over $45million a day later.

The token has a total supply of 21 billion IOST coins, and currently has a circulating supply of 8.4 billion.

It’s likely the token will continue to see impressive gains in coming days. This will be helped over the line by BTC gains as well as its strategic announcement that has seen demand grow.

Long-term, the token will see marked gains as it prepares to launch its own blockchain. IOST is currently an Ethereum-based project.

It utilizes smart contracts and seeks to leverage blockchain technology to disrupt a market dominated by giants like Amazon and Alibaba.

Enigma (ENG)

ENG/USD prices have spiked by 22% in the last 24 hours, blazing to hit a new price at $1.72. Over a 7-day period, the token has surged by over 24% to leave sentiment firmly in the green heading into a very positive period in the coin’s development.

Remarkably, ENG has gained double digits on both BTC and ETH, rising by 19% and 18% respectively in the last 24 hours.

The huge surge has seen its market cap increase over the last few hours to reach $128 million and volume hit $13 million.

Its total supply is 150m ENG tokens and its current circulating supply stands at 74,836,171 tokens. The current price spike is due to a high-profile partnership with Intel.

The partnership will see the two collaborate on projects that seek to develop privacy-focused computation technologies.

The main beneficiaries will be blockchain that faces privacy challenges. The big news was announced on the project’s Twitter account.

“Enigma has developed a unique privacy protocol that uses Intel SGX to protect data while allowing computation over the data.

In our collaboration, we’ll work together to integrate this functionality for private smart contracts.”- Enigma project

Currently ranked 80th, the token has seen interest spike, especially in relation to its revolutionary blockchain technology “secret contracts”. The off-chain network wants to help blockchains solve issues related to scalability and privacy.

The token’s surge has further been helped by excitement about its upcoming testnet.

The team behind the project has embarked on a mission to bring dApps developers to the platform.

Asch (XAS)

Asch (XAS) too, has seen a remarkable surge over the last 24 hours as it defied uncertainty in the market.

The XAS/USD pair is trading 21% higher over its prices in the last 24 hour period. It has also done quite well against BTC and ETH trading pairs.

The token has surged by 19.04% and 17% against the two top coins respectively.

XAS prices have jumped from $0.69 at the opening on June 20, 2018, to the current trading price of $0.81.

Compared to its prices 7 days ago, the token has seen its value increase by about 23%.

Its daily trading volume has also increased by nearly 25% over the week. A total of $7.3 million tokens have been traded so far today, up from just over $4 million a week ago.

Asch has a total supply of 114,855,331 coins while the current circulating supply stands at 93,355,331 coins. The 123rd ranked Asch has a market cap of $76 million, rising from $65 a day ago.

The current surge in prices can be attributed to the listing of the XAS token on trading platform OKEx. The Asch team tweeted to its community, raising excitement and possibly an increase in activity.

Trading on the XAS/OKB pair goes live today June 21, 2018, while that of BTC, ETH, and USDT will begin on June 27, 2018.

Asch is a blockchain-based platform that allows developers to create and deploy their own decentralized applications (dApps).

The ethereum-based project has an advantage of using JavaScript coding language. The result is that it’s much easier to build dApps on the platform.

The platform will also attract a lot of attention due to its high scalability and very low transaction fees.

Whatever happens, it’s good to see prices rebounding as the markets recover.

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