Interpol Hunting Suspected Killer Of 24-Year Old Norwegian Bitcoin Investor


The suspect in the recent murder of a Norwegian bitcoin investor is said to be on the run, the Oslo police department has stated in reports published by local media outlet Verdens Gang.

The police have released the suspect’s name, Makaveli Lindén, along with his photograph a week after the gruesome murder. Heikki Bjørklund Paltto, a 24-year-old crypto investor, was stabbed repeatedly on Monday last week after completing a cash-for-bitcoin trade involving some large amount. 

What happened

The murder occurred in an apartment in an affluent city neighborhood called Majorstuen. For a few days after the foul killing, the police did not have any suspect.

Source: Verdens Gang news outlet; translation and analysis

However, that has changed with the intelligence gathered enabling the authorities to identify a 20-year-old Swedish man as the prime suspect.

According to local news outlet Verdens Gang, the police are on the hunt for Makaveli Lindén, the young Swedish man charged with the murder.

Investigations into the murder have revealed that the suspect gained entry into the victim’s apartment via the window. Early accounts believe that the killer had the intention of robbing the apartment, but ended up killing Heikki after they got into a fight.

Source: Interpol

Forensic investigators have said that the wanted criminal stabbed his victim more than 20 times before fleeing the scene.

Bitcoin-related murder?

When the murder was first reported, the speculation was that the killing could have had a connection with an in-person bitcoin sale.

The latest reports seem to be discounting that notion, which had some weight due to the timing and by sentiments from friends that the deceased was into cryptocurrency trading.

Friends told the police that Heikki could have made over a million kroner from his digital currency investments. It has also been reported in local news outlets that the victim had sold a considerable amount of bitcoin shortly before being killed.

Close friends have told investigators that Paltto wanted to save enough money to be able to purchase his own apartment.

Despite the revelations and the fact that the victim had sold bitcoins, police are likely to treat the case as a random murder case.

Suspect potentially flees to Sweden

The suspect is thought to have crossed back into Sweden before leaving again. He is on the run, and Oslo police have alerted Interpol. The international police body has instituted an international manhunt for the suspected killer.

Lindén, identified as a local from Uppsala, Sweden, has had a rub in with the law enforcement. He already served a prison term for committing some minor offenses that included attempted robbery and drug abuse.

The prime suspect in the murder of 24-year old Bitcoin investor

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