Indian Billionaire Parshant Mehta Discusses SuchApp


This week we sat down with Indian billionaire Parshant Mehta, a founding member of the Monaco based Billionaire’s Society.

Mr. Prashant Mehta, of India’s prestigious Mehta family, has decided to invest significantly in SuchApp, the world’s first blockchain messenger and all-inclusive 5G ecosphere.

The Mehta family has offices in New York, London, Antwerp, and Mumbai and have been pioneers in the diamond industry for more than eight decades.

Prashant Mehta is managing Hallmark Diamonds, the largest diamond wholesale company in the world since 1999 and is a trustee for the top hospital in India, Lilavati Hospital, which is currently valued at $2.1 billion and has a business turnover of more than $700 million.

Here is our conversation, slightly edited for clarity.

Why did you decide to invest in the SuchApp?

The beauty of SuchApp is that it simplifies out all the complexities of cryptocurrencies. It’s a powerful messaging app that everyone can relate to but uses the blockchain to facilitate business. I think that’s very compelling.

How do you expect yourself and your family to be involved going forward?

I believe that SuchApp will provide Indian businesses with a powerful tool to engage and benefit their customers. I’m looking forward to using the application to improve all our own company’s profits and customer satisfaction. We’ll be using the built-in loyalty programs extensively.

Will you be passive investors or more active?

We plan on being active users of the application. I see this as an opportunity to get in early on a new and very promising social platform. To be honest, I don’t think any app on the market even comes close to providing the features and capabilities that SuchApp is bringing to the market.

Is this your first crpto investment?

No, but SuchApp isn’t just a crypto investment. It’s not about speculating, but about fostering entrepreneurship. Through the app people can use the tokens in their everyday lives. That’s why I feel comfortable about this project.

I honestly believe that cryptocurrencies will reach their full potential when they become useful in normal everyday transactions. When you can buy a cup of tea or pay for a ride with your digital wallet, then the technology will be truly meaningful.

I haven’t seen any other project other than SuchApp with the potential to make that dream a reality.

How does your family office usually invest (time frames, sectors, risk level)?

Honestly, it depends on the specific opportunity.

How did the deal actually go down? What was the meeting like (where, when, how long)?

I received the presentation with a recommendation from a fellow member of the Billionaire’s society. The value proposition was immediately clear. It was actually a very easy process.

Of course, my team also was very careful doing our due diligence. Fortunately, SuchApp has a very solid and reputable company behind it.

How does the billionaire society operate?

The Billionaire’s society is just a group of friends that believe in hard work, entrepreneurship and the understanding that those with the most resources have the most responsibility for improving the world. We get together periodically and evaluate projects and opportunities that we feel can make a difference.

How much money did your family commit?

I’m sorry but we do not release exact numbers. However, I can tell you that it was a very substantial amount.

Can you give me any more details that our readers might enjoy learning?

Well, I think that people might like to know that as a group the Billionaire’s Society has decided to exclusively use SuchApp for both our internal and external communications. That’s where we’ll be organizing our upcoming events and analyzing our future projects.

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